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Redfall: How to Remove Red Mist

Looking for a guide on how to clear Red Mist in Redfall? Here's everything you need to know

Redfall may be infested with vampires and cultists, but the Remove Red Mist in Redfall that covers landmarks and key routes around the town may be the most annoying enemy there is. Because you take continuous damage whenever you enter an area that is covered with red mist, it is highly unlikely that you will survive if you attempt to search an area that is completely covered in it. In order to facilitate your journey through the sinister town, we have provided a comprehensive guide on how to clear away the red mist in Redfall. This will ensure that you do not miss any side quests, shortcuts, or resources along the way.

What is Red Mist in Redfall?

Red Mist is simply mist that has been colored red. It can be found anywhere, and exposure to it can be harmful. If you stay submerged in its gaseous form for more than a couple of seconds, you are going to find that you have taken damage. If you stay there for too long, you will eventually pass away from exhaustion. It is absolutely necessary for your chosen character’s long-term survival that they steer clear of the Mist.

GenreOpen-world, first-person shooter
DeveloperArkane Austin
PublisherBethesda Softworks
PlatformMicrosoft Windows, Xbox Series X/S
Release date2023
SettingRedfall, Massachusetts, a fictional island town in the United States
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There are three manifestations of the red mist. The first is a weapon that the Cultists have set up in order to throw off your positioning and confuse you. When you dispose of particular bloodthirsty Vampires, another event will take place. You may initially be under the impression that the environment itself is the primary contributor to the presence of red mist; however, this is not the case.

How to Remove Red Mist in Redfall

When you want to get rid of red mist in Redfall, you have two main options, even though they both use the same thing. The first option is to use a weapon you can find in Redfall called a Portable UV Beam. This gives off a strong UV beam that you can point at the statue in the middle of the red mist.

When you’re done, you’ll hear a scream, and the statue will fall apart. In turn, this will make the red mist around the statue go away. You can also look for a UV light close to the red mist and turn it on. Most red mists have one or two UV lights close by, so all you have to do is find one, turn it on, and then watch the statue and red mist do the same thing.

Benefits of removing Red Mist

  • Improved exploration: Red Mist can block off paths and make it difficult to explore the city. Removing Red Mist will give you access to new areas and allow you to find more loot and resources.
  • Reduced damage: Red Mist deals damage to players over time. Removing Red Mist will eliminate this source of damage and make it easier to stay alive.
Redfall: How to Remove Red Mist
  • More tactical options: Red Mist can be used by enemies to create ambushes and traps. Removing Red Mist will give you more tactical options and make it easier to defeat enemies.
  • Access to new areas: Some areas of Redfall are only accessible after you have removed the Red Mist. These areas may contain valuable loot or important story missions.

How different characters can help in removing Red Mist

  • Layla Ellison: Layla’s Technopath abilities allow her to hack into and control various devices, including the UV Light Generators that are used to clear Red Mist. She can also use her Eye of the Vortex ability to reveal hidden objects, such as the Death Mist Spewers that are responsible for creating Red Mist in the first place.
  • Devinder Crousley: Devinder’s Inventor abilities allow him to create and use a variety of UV weapons, such as the Portable UV Beam gun and the UV Light Grenades. These weapons can be used to quickly and easily clear Red Mist from any area.
  • Remi de la Rosa: Remi’s Cryptozoologist abilities allow her to summon and control her animal companions, such as her vulture companion, Jacob. Jacob can be used to carry UV Light Grenades and drop them on Red Mist, clearing it away instantly.
  • Jacob Boyer: Jacob’s Telekineticist abilities allow him to push and pull objects with his mind. This can be used to destroy Death Mist Spewers from a distance, or to move objects out of the way to clear a path through Red Mist.


How do you control red mist?

Many times, doing something over and over again or doing something simple like counting to five before you speak will help you think more clearly before you act. Be assertive, but not aggressive. Say how you feel and what you want to happen. Try not to use absolute words like “never” or “always” or generalizations like “You always do this.”

Is the red mist a real thing?

“Red Mist” is actually about a group of notes and tapes that can’t be found and whose contents ended up in the hands of Nickelodeon staff. The name “Red Mist” was given to them because it was written on the back of every note or tape they sent.

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