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Remnant 2: How to Defeat the Mother Mind

A guide on how to beat the Mother Mind, including strategies and tips.

Each playthrough of Remnant 2: How to Defeat the Mother Mind will result in a unique set of boss fights because the game features a large variety of environments, each of which contains its own unique boss. If during your travels through Yaesha you happen to come across The Nameless Nest, you will soon find yourself engaged in combat with an optional boss who goes by the name Mother Mind. This enormous creature gives off an intimidating appearance.

If you’re not sure how to handle the fight, it can put an end to the fight quite quickly by making you fall to your death, which is how it can end the fight. However, in order to help you overcome Mother Mind and make the most of its enormous and hideous vulnerability, we will provide you with some pointers that you can use to defeat this monster and move on with your work.

Where can you find the Mother Mind in Remnant 2?

The Mother Mind is a boss in the Yaesha Realm, and the Nameless Nest map shows where to find her. Since Remnant 2 is generated by a set of rules, you might not see it on your first playthrough of the game’s campaign. Even so, you can still take on this challenge and earn its rewards through the Adventure mode.

When you go into the room where you fight the Mother Mind, you’ll notice right away how little space there is. There will be a big hole in the middle of the four main square platforms. Two of these platforms will be a little higher than the other two, which will be reached by steep ramps. Be careful not to fall into the pit below, because it’s a quick way to die.

How to Defeat the Mother Mind

The best thing to do in this situation is to figure out where and how the Mother Mind will attack. So, you will have to pay close attention to its arsenal to plan for countermeasures. In Remnant 2, here’s how you can defend against every attack from the Mother Mind:

Remnant 2: How to Defeat the Mother Mind
  1. Normal Claw Strike: It will smash its claw on the ground. You can avoid it by moving to the side.
  2. Spindle Claw Strike: It spins and spreads its claws to do damage.
    • Stick to the walls so you don’t get hurt.
  3. Hard Smash: It will smash the platform with its claws so hard that it breaks.
    • Get to the next platform by walking.


In Remnant 2, beating Mother Mind is an exciting and hard task that requires skill, strategy, and persistence. Focusing on her weak spots and avoiding attacks is the standard way to deal with her, but there is another way that involves destroying hidden control devices on stone platforms while keeping your damage output high.


What boss destroys platforms Remnant 2?

The boss fight with Mother Mind happens in a big, circular arena with four stone platforms. When you walk through the door, you’ll be facing the boss. As soon as you do, you can start shooting at the cross-shaped weak spot on his face to do as much damage as possible right away.

What are the easiest bosses in remnant?

10 Ent. This huge boss is a sentient tree that is very big and can be found in the Choking Hallow on the planet Earth. It can do powerful, wide-ranging melee attacks, throw bombs, and call on more of its own kind to make your day miserable. It is the easiest boss in the game because its back and legs are weak spots.

What is the final boss in remnant?

After spending a lot of time in Remnant 2’s story campaign looking for the three mysterious objects for Clementine and the Keeper, players will eventually face off against the avatar of the Root, a huge wooden dragon named Annihilation.

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