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Remnant 2: How to Get the Flamethrower

Find out how to get the Flamethrower weapon in Remnant 2 with this step-by-step guide.

Id you want to Get the Flamethrower Remnant 2. There are a lot of cool weapons and other goodies to find and acquire in Remnant 2, among which are a few of the game’s more intriguing items. Although acquiring some of them is not as challenging as acquiring others, you still need to be aware of the best places to look.

This is true for the Hellfire, an especially powerful handgun that is essentially a flamethrower. After the early game SMG and the Enigma (obtained from the Labyrinth), this is another weapon that I’d classify as a “must get” for your second slot. recommend getting it as soon as possible.

Where to Find the Flamethrower in Remnant 2

First of all, you probably won’t see this weapon for a long time if you’re just starting the video game or haven’t killed Losomn, N’Erud, and Yaesha yet. You can’t get to it until you’ve cleared all three worlds, because that’s how the campaign story works. This hellscape of twisted trees is a pretty bad place full of screaming and mutated Root Monsters.

Even with its base stats, the Hellfire Flamethrower can pull a lot of weight in this fight. It’s in the first big open area you come to when you enter the zone. About in the middle of this big flat area is a crater with a truck in it. The weapon is under the truck, but you’ll have to do some searching to find it.

How to Get the Flamethrower in Remnant 2

  1. You can unlock Root Earth after defeating N’Erud, Losomn, and Yaesha’s main bosses.
  2. Visit the Ward 13 hub world and use the Root Earth portal.
  3. In Root Earth, visit Ashen Wasteland. Visit the Ward 13 hub world and interact with the Ashen Wasteland portal.
  4. In the Ashen Wasteland, a large truck is partially buried. After crossing the bridge, the truck is near the start.
  5. Walking up to the truck and pressing the button lets you climb on.
  6. Jump into the crater from the truck. The Flamethrower will lie on the ground in the crater.
  7. Walk up to the Flamethrower and press the button to pick it up.

Tips for Surviving with the Flamethrower

  • Keep your distance when using the Flamethrower. You can attack enemies from far away with the Flamethrower because it has a long range. This will help you stay out of harm’s way when they attack.
  • Be aware of what’s going on around you. Be aware of your surroundings when you use the Flamethrower. You can catch fire if you are too close to an enemy.
Remnant 2: How to Get the Flamethrower
  • You can burn through obstacles with the Flamethrower. Some obstacles, like wooden crates and barrels, can be burned through with the Flamethrower. This can help you clear a path through an area or make a shortcut.
  • You can set enemies on fire with the Flamethrower. You can set enemies on fire with the Flamethrower. Over time, this will hurt the enemies and make them easier to kill with other weapons.
  • When using the Flamethrower in a small space, be careful. The Flamethrower can make a lot of smoke, which can make it hard to see in small spaces. Be careful not to use the Flamethrower in a space that is too small.
  • Make the Flamethrower better. You can improve the Flamethrower to make it stronger and more useful. At the workbench, you can use scrap metal and resources to improve the Flamethrower.

Remnant 2 System Requirements

System requirementMinimumRecommended
Operating systemWindows 10 (64-bit)Windows 10 (64-bit)
ProcessorIntel Core i5-7600 or AMD Ryzen 5 2600Intel Core i5-10600k or AMD Ryzen 5 3600
Memory16 GB RAM16 GB RAM
Graphics cardNVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 or AMD Radeon RX 590NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 or AMD Radeon RX 5700
Storage80 GB available space80 GB available space
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Is Hellfire good Remnant 2?

In Remnant 2, one of the available Weapons to use is called the Hellfire, which is a Hand Gun. The technology of the Hellfire weapons is tainted and makes them look like guns from Earth. It is particularly effective in close-quarters encounters, which makes it a devastating weapon for close-quarters combat due to its short-range effectiveness.

Where do I get the Hellfire?

Maliwan is known for producing the legendary submachine gun known as the HellFire. In Borderlands 2, it is possible to acquire it at random from any source of suitable loot, but Scorch, who can be found in Frostburn Canyon and The Raid, which takes place on Digistruct Peak, as well as Sully the Blacksmith, who can be found in Hallowed Hollow, have a greater chance of dropping it.

What is the most powerful gun in Remnant 2?

In addition to this, the Nightfall will now have an infinite supply of ammunition, a 25 percent boost to its fire rate, a 10 percent increase in its lifesteal, and it will become a fully automatic weapon. This firearm solidifies its position as one of the most powerful guns that can be obtained in Remnant 2.21-Aug-2023 when it is constructed properly and used with some level of proficiency.

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