How to Remove Robokiller from iPhone

Robokiller is a popular service that tries to stop Robocalls and other unwanted phone calls. However, users may sometimes Remove Robokiller from iPhone and cancel the subscription service. Let’s figure out what to do, whether they just don’t want to use the service anymore, don’t want to pay the subscription fee anymore, or find that it’s causing problems by blocking phone calls you may want to receive, blocking contacts, or forwarding wanted calls to a dead end.

Even though the iPhone has a lot of features, one drawback is that unwanted messages can’t be blocked or filtered. This can be annoying for people who get a lot of spam or calls they didn’t ask for. Robokiller, an app that can help, is a good thing. Robokiller uses AI to find and filter spam messages. It also gives users a report that shows how many spam messages they’ve received and blocked.

The best part is that it’s free. But there are times when users may want to turn Robokiller off. To delete Robokiller, you must make sure that Conditional Call Forwarding is supported by your phone provider. If not, you will have to use Unconditional Call Forwarding, which sends all incoming calls to the Robokiller server.

How to Remove Robokiller from iPhone

How to Remove Robokiller from iPhone

Cancel all subscriptions on the app

  • Launch the “Settings” app on your iPhone.
  • Tap on your Photo icon at the top of the settings to access the iCloud/Apple ID settings.
  • Then Tap on “Subscriptions”.
  • Tap “Robokiller” and then tap on “ Cancel Subscription”.
  • Confirm that you want to cancel the subscriptions on the Robokiller app.

Deactivate Robokiller’s Call Blocking feature

  • Launch the Robokiller app
  • Tap on settings
  • From the settings list, tap on “Help and Support”
  • Then choose to Deactivate this phone.

Disable Call Forwarding on your iPhone

  • Launch the Settings app on your iPhone/iPad
  • From the menu list, tap on the “Phone” settings.
  • Then toggle the call forwarding option to disable it.

Delete the Robokiller app

  • Locate the app
  • Hold down the app and uninstall
  • Confirm the delete process

Use Deactivate My Phone

What is Robokiller

Robokiller can get rid of up to 99% of spam calls. Robokiller’s global database of 1.4 billion calls that have already been analysed keeps you safe from known phone scams right away. Machine learning is used in our patented audio fingerprinting technology to stop annoying, unwanted calls from ringing your phone. You can finally stop getting spam calls, and you’ll never miss a real call again.

But there’s more to come! Robokiller doesn’t just stop robocallers and spammers from calling, it also makes them very, very angry. Spam calls are sent to cleverly recorded messages called “Answer Bots” so that the spammers can feel what it’s like to have their time wasted. At last, you can get back at those annoying robocallers.

You asked, we listened. Robokiller’s newest customization options let YOU decide how aggressively Robokiller should be when blocking your unwanted or unknown phone calls. With Standard Call Blocking, Robokiller protects you right away from a global database of 1.4 billion calls that have been analysed.

It also lets you make your own block and allow lists so you can feel even safer. And if you want an extra layer of protection against random number spoofing and fake numbers, Robokiller’s Advanced Call Blocking can find and stop these calls before they even ring your phone.


Why is RoboKiller still blocking my calls?

RoboKiller may block the wrong calls because it works with your phone carrier. RoboKiller blocks spam calls in a very technical way. Because of this, the app sometimes needs to be reconnected to your call forwarding settings.

Does RoboKiller work on iphones?

The price of RoboKiller is $29.99 per year, which is about $2.50 per month. Given how well it works on the iPhone, it’s a strong candidate for our list of apps for iPhone users.

Does ignoring robocalls make them stop?

Contrary to what most people think, we found that answering calls doesn’t change how many robocalls a phone number gets. Throughout the study, the number of robocalls per week stayed the same.

Michael Smith
Michael Smith
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