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Replicate TRIM with Mac SSD

This guide is about the Replicate TRIM with a Mac SSD. I will try my best so that you understand this guide very well. I hope you all like this guide Replicate TRIM with a Mac SSD.

If you have an SSD on your Mac, listen. You can copy the TRIM SSD function in Mac OS X using this great tip from our reader. Here, Curt explains, “I just got a MacBook Air and, like many others, I was surprised to learn that Mac OS X doesn’t support TRIM. I found a workaround, here it is:”

Update 2: You can use a third-party TRIM tool for the introduction of Mac OS X 10.6.7: or later, which effectively enables TRIM’s, instead of trying to copy it.

Update / Warning: It has been reported that using this method slows down the speed of the SSD. Excessive writing to the SSD can also limit its life. Until Mac OS X naturally supports TRIM, the best bet might be to back up your files, format the drive, and then copy the files back to the drive (frustrating, I know). You may want to read the comments below before trying this on your own SSD. Continue at your own risk and you should always have a complete file system backup handy!

  • Launch Disk Utility located in / Applications / Utilities /
  • Select SSD from the drive list on the left
  • Click the Delete tab (don’t worry, it won’t start formatting)
  • Find and click the “Clear Blank Space” button near the bottom, as shown in the screenshot
  • Let the “Clear Free Space” function run
  • Close Disk Utility when it is finished

Curt describes how this works: “This means overwriting 0 on previously deleted files, which makes it easier to rewrite that block later, this is similar to the TRIM function. Here’s a simplified way TRIM works for comparison; it clear the deleted blocks on the SSD so that they are understood to be empty when it’s time to write back to that block. I recommend using this tip about once a month as a regular system maintenance plan or after deleting a large number of files from your SSD. “

mac trim ssd simulates the function

We’ve edited the instructions and provided a screenshot for clarity, but thanks for posting this great tip to Curti!

It’s a little weird to me that Mac OS X doesn’t currently have built-in TRIM support, even though Apple sold the MacBook Air with an SSD and offered an SSD upgrade for sale on most other Macs. I don’t have an SSD to test this, but the theory behind it has some meaning.

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FAQ: Replicate TRIM with a Mac SSD

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In this guide, I told you about the Replicate TRIM with a Mac SSD.
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In this guide, I discuss about the Replicate TRIM with a Mac SSD, which is very helpful.
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Apple Devices only.
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mac OS or iOS
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Final note: Replicate TRIM with a Mac SSD

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