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How to Reset AirPods Max: A Step-by-Step Guide

Reset your AirPods Max to factory defaults to fix any problems you're having.

The first-of-its-kind Apple’s AirPods Max, which are the company’s first wireless over-ear headphones, are one of the most important updates to the AirPods line in recent years. But, like most tech devices, these high-end headphones can have problems as well. IF you want to know how to Reset AirPods Max.

Like most tech, restarting and resetting the headphones usually fixes a number of problems, such as poor connectivity, low volume, and similar issues. How do you do that, though? Some users will be confused by the AirPods Max’s simple design and the fact that they don’t have some traditional features, like a separate power button.

If you don’t know how to reset your AirPods, especially if you’re a new user, the problems you’re having with them will keep happening, making them useless. We know that, so we’re here to save you the trouble of trying to figure out the answers on your own. Here’s a guide on how to reset your AirPods Max without contacting Apple Support (yet). Let’s get started!

Why Resetting AirPods Max is Necessary

  • To fix bugs in software. AirPods Max can sometimes stop working because of bugs in the software. Most of the time, resetting your AirPods Max will fix these software problems and get them back to normal.
  • To make things better. If your AirPods Max aren’t working as well as they used to, you can sometimes make them work better by resetting them. This could be because when you reset AirPods Max, any temporary data that could be causing problems is deleted.
  • To fix problems with the connection. If your AirPods Max have trouble connecting to your devices, you might be able to fix the problem by resetting them. This could be because when you reset AirPods Max, any connection data that could be causing problems is deleted.
  • To get rid of them in iCloud. If you want to sell or give away your AirPods Max, you should reset them to get them off of your iCloud account. This will stop the new owner’s Find My app from showing your AirPods Max.

How to Reset AirPods Max

  1. Press and hold down both the Digital Crown and the Noise Control buttons.
  2. Hold down all three buttons at the same time for 12 seconds.
  3. Once the status light starts flashing amber, let go of the buttons right away.

How to factory Reset AirPods Max

  1. First, make sure the AirPods Max have power by charging them for a few minutes.
  2. Hold down the Digital Crown button and the Noise Control button at the same time.
  3. Hold down the buttons for 15 seconds, or until the status light next to the charging port flashes amber, then white.
  4. Put the buttons down.

Restart vs. Reset: What’s the Difference?

  1. Restart: When you restart your AirPods Max, they go through a single power cycle and start working again. This is a quick and easy process that won’t hurt you in any way.
  2. Reset: This action puts your headphones back to how they were when they came out of the box and removes them from your iCloud account. This is a more extreme step, and you will have to pair your AirPods Max again.

Tips for Maintaining AirPods Max Performance

  • Store your AirPods Max in a cool, dry place. When you’re not using your AirPods Max, store them in the included Smart Case. This will help to protect them from dust and dirt.
How to Reset AirPods Max
  • Keep your AirPods Max firmware up to date. Apple releases firmware updates for AirPods Max regularly. These updates can include bug fixes and performance improvements. To update your AirPods Max firmware, pair them with your iPhone or iPad and go to Settings > Bluetooth. Tap the i icon next to your AirPods Max and then tap Firmware Update.
  • Avoid using your AirPods Max in extreme temperatures. AirPods Max are designed to operate in a temperature range of 0° to 35° C (32° to 95° F). Avoid using them in extreme temperatures, such as in a hot car or outside on a cold winter day.
  • Be careful not to drop or damage your AirPods Max. AirPods Max are durable, but they are not indestructible. Be careful not to drop them or damage them in any way.


Apple AirPods (regular, Pro, or Max) are one of the best wireless earbuds and headphones on the market right now. But even they can have problems, and it’s easy to fix them by resetting them. We gave step-by-step instructions on how to reset both regular and Pro AirPods, as well as how to restart or reset AirPods Max.


Is it OK to charge AirPods to 100%?

Don’t charge 100 percent. (Side note: 100% is arbitrarily defined, but usually 4.2V). As with dead batteries, try to keep it at 100% for as little time as possible. Keep the battery between 10 and 90 percent, or 20 to 80 percent, or 25 to 75 percent.

Can you factory reset AirPods Max to remove from Apple ID?

One of the security features of AirPods gen 3 and AirPods Pro (and AirPods Max, too) can be a problem for refurbished or used AirPods because the standard factory reset process does not remove the associated AirPods. ID from Apple.

What is the lifespan of AirPods?

You should get about two to three years of use out of your AirPods. The lithium-ion battery tends to be the first thing to break in true wireless earbuds.

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