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Roccat Magma review

The Roccat Magma Membrane RGB gaming keyboard is a full-size non-mechanical keyboard in the budget price range. It offers a decent typing experience. The keys feel stable and actuate smoothly, although the space bar wobbles a bit more than the other keys.

The Roccat Magma Membrane RGB Gaming Keyboard is a standard size non-mechanical keyboard in an affordable price range. It uses rubber dome switches that require some force to operate, but overall feel light and responsive. Macros can be set for the alphanumeric keys on the left side of the keyboard, including 5, T, G and B. It also has an Easy-Shift [+] function that allows you to open a second macro level for these keys.

The translucent top plate lets in a lot of RGB light, but for fans of more subtle backlighting it may be too much. Unfortunately, there are no individually backlit keys on the board and there are only five backlight zones. In addition, its plastic body flexes a lot and uses ABS plastic keys that can become shiny over time. The Roccat Magma keyboard is suitable for office use.

It has a tilt setting and a detachable wrist rest. Unfortunately, the keyboard seems only well built and flexes a lot. The Rocca Magma keyboard is suitable for office use. It has a tilt setting and a detachable wrist rest. Although the rubber dome switches require some force to operate, they still feel light. In addition, they are quiet while typing and provide pleasant tactile feedback.


When you start looking a little closer, you notice some of the Magma’s design flaws. The translucent white areas of the keyboard look great in theory, but they actually end up showing some of the interior parts. This helps with the brightness levels of RGB lighting, but seeing dark spots where the keyboard is held together is not quality. And before you even plug it in, these spots are hard to miss. Also, under the space bar and large keys, the metal switches are much more visible than on other keyboards.

Not the end of the world, but another thing that may have been overlooked during the planning process. After you hook up this bad boy is when all the magic really happens and you might have to forget about some of the build flaws. It’s bright and colorful and while that might be distracting to some, that’s one of our favorite things about gaming accessories.

The Magma form is lightweight and made of hard, thick plastic. While it doesn’t feel like it’s going to break in half by any means, it’s also not the most durable or high-quality keyboard we have ever used. The exterior flexes slightly with ease, and although the keycaps are well made, the rough edge of the spacebar is hard to ignore.


The Roccat Magma offers decent typing. The keys are stable and operate smoothly, although the space bar wobbles a bit more than the other keys. The rubber dome switches are light and provide good feedback. The spacing and shape of the keys are similar to those on most standard keyboards, so they should not cause fatigue or more typing errors than usual.

RGB Lighting

The Magma wouldn’t be a gaming keyboard if it didn’t have RGB, and the way it’s done is really elegant. It is not fancy lighting of individual keys as in some of Roccat’s higher-end keyboards (Vulcan Pro), but lighting in 5 general zones with 10 “discrete” LEDs. In practice, it is possible to adjust Magma’s lighting over large sections.

The LEDs light up through the translucent top plate and can be adjusted using Roccat’s proprietary Swarm software. If you have already used RGB lighting, all the usual display functions are present, including heart rate, breathing, waves and something called Aimo Intelligent Lighting, which should program itself based on the computer’s behavior.

The way the input keys are placed, in an attractive floating position just above the plastic top plate, allows for a sort of lava pool with some color adjustment, which we assume is appropriate for a keyboard with a name like Magma. In the dark, Magma’s black layout almost floats out of the frame, hovering above a vibrant pool of liquid rainbow.


By downloading the Roccat Swarm software, the Magma becomes much more powerful. From here you can customize the keys and remap them to different keystrokes, add specific actions (such as starting an application or browser, for example) or add a secondary action for Easy-Shift. Easy-Shift is the highlight of this keyboard. Activating the game mode by pressing Fn+Scroll Lock turns the Caps Lock key into a more useful key. In this mode, holding down the Caps Lock key can access a secondary action assigned to other keys.

This can include a redesigned button, a hotkey, or any other action. This allows quick and easy access to other settings by pressing just one more button. This is very useful, especially if you have different profile settings for productivity, gaming and more. Unfortunately, macro recording is missing. Also, it is not possible to reprogram all the keys on the keyboard.


The Magma is a soft crushing dream. The rubber-coated membrane keys are nicely muted and provide a solid tactile push without feeling like you’re sinking your fingers into little puddles of jelly. It is similar to feeling a quiet thud. The overall feel is very satisfying, even if the generic keys are nothing to write home about.

Although the keys are quite common, they do not have much movement, an important note that should satisfy the gamers this device is aimed at. Advanced anti-ghosting is also a plus. The keys are responsive and hold up well not only on Steam/Xbox Game Pass libraries, but also during everyday tasks such as word processing and Web browsing.

Roccat’s Swarm software unlocks the true potential of the Magma, in that you can customize just about anything. Some of it is a little quirky, such as the ability to change the audible feedback of key presses to, say, laser beams or the clicking of typewriter keys. But other features, such as the surprisingly useful Easy-Shift key duplicator and multiple gaming keyboard profiles, are much more practical.


With a heavy plastic construction, a wired USB cable, no separate media button, and no random Bluetooth option, the plug-and-play Magma is not the perfect all-in-one gaming keyboard. But for its affordable price, excellent membrane performance, and elegant RGB glow, it’s hard to find a quieter keyboard in this mid-to-high price range. If you still prefer the tactile click of mechanical gaming keyboards, the Magma probably won’t win you over as much. However, it will give you a quality idea of what’s on the other side.

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The Roccat Magma Membrane RGB gaming keyboard is a full-size non-mechanical keyboard in an affordable price range.Roccat Magma review