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Safari Browser review

Safari ranks high in privacy and security, but it lacks the customizable features and add-ons that you can get with other browsers. Safari's big advantage is its ability to integrate.


Overall Rating


Safari on Apple is good. Although it is not the best evaluation, it is the reality. It performs its function respectably and provides all the essential features of a web browser, but it falls short of the competition in terms of additional features and customization.

Each and every individual wishes they had a browser like Safari so they could use it for online activities, perform quick and in-depth searches, and navigate much more quickly. Safari’s relatively straightforward user interface (UI) and incredible design are two of the features that we liked the most. Despite the fact that its design is entirely based on the color white, this makes it much more comfortable to use, and it also lets us use the dark mode to add a little variety.

On all of your Apple devices, Safari offers the greatest online browsing experience. You can surf however you like, whenever you like, thanks to its extensive customization choices, strong privacy protections, and industry-leading battery life. It is also the quickest browser in the world in terms of speed. The start page can be customized, and there are now even more third-party addons available in Safari.

You can customize your browser window with your preferred features, like Reading List, Favorites, iCloud Tabs, Siri Suggestions, and even a Privacy Report, thanks to the redesigned start page. Safari Extensions give your browser extra features so you can browse the web however you choose. In the App Store’s dedicated Safari section, locate and add your favorite extensions. Safari is the fastest browser in the world to its lightning-quick JavaScript engine.

Installation and Set Up

Since Safari comes pre-installed on Apple devices and is only compatible with Apple operating systems like MacOS and iOS, you shouldn’t really need to install it. Reinstalling MacOS or iOS will allow you to reinstall Safari if you had previously uninstalled it. Your saved data won’t be impacted by this; instead, it essentially resets the operating system and restarts Safari.

Like Marmite, the interface of Safari is either loved or loathed. Mac fans will probably find Safari easy to use, but this is mainly because of prior Safari usage. There’s no learning curve because it comes preloaded on Apple gadgets. The Safari start page could feel a little strange to Chrome users. The bells and whistles of a center-space search bar and the most recent news articles are no longer present. Instead, a simple grey interface with your reading list, favourite pages, and a block of your most frequented websites welcomes you.


You can use the address bar search feature in Safari’s Smart Search, and if you’ve added your Favorites to your personalized start page (more on that in a moment), they’ll appear as icons when you click the search field. To rerun a previous search when the field is empty, click the magnifying glass on the left. Along with your favorite image, iCloud tabs, Favorites, reading list, and/or Siri suggestions, you can personalize the start page.

In-browser 4K HDR video playing for Apple TV+, Netflix, and YouTube is possible with Safari. By clicking a phone number in Safari, you can also initiate a text message conversation or make a call. All of your Apple devices can sync your bookmarks, history, passwords, and open tabs. You can utilize the Handoff function to transfer what you’re doing from one iOS, iPadOS, or Mac device to another when they are close to one another. You can also use Face ID or Touch ID to conduct transactions with Apple Pay on Safari. If Safari’s default capabilities aren’t giving you all the functionality you need, you can install third-party extensions to expand Safari’s capability.


Safari’s security isn’t terrible, but it’s also not great. The browser’s pop-up ad blocker appears to be ineffective, even if it uses Google’s Safe Browsing database to guard against malware and phishing. We have looked at a lot of news websites and discovered that advertisements have ruined our browsing time. To prevent this, we advise downloading an additional pop-up ad blocker.

Another thing to keep in mind is how rarely Safari gets updated. Security updates for Safari are released less frequently, every four to six weeks, compared to competitor search engines like Google Chrome, which require them every two to three weeks. These security upgrades frequently include vital patches that fix flaws in the browser software. Cybercriminals might exploit these security flaws if a patch is not applied quickly enough, so we advise using the best VPN for Safari.

The connection of Safari with Apple devices, as was already mentioned, further simplifies password management. Because Safari automatically keeps your passwords in the iCloud Keychain, you don’t need to use another password manager. Additionally, Safari offers monitoring of the dark web. If your password or email address is found in a data breach, you are notified and asked to reset your password.


Each online page that you load in Safari is regarded as a separate process. As a result, any potentially hazardous code would just affect that one page and not affect the rest of the application or access your other data. With the help of Intelligent Tracking Prevention in Safari, trackers cannot follow you online. Advertising companies frequently use your device’s fingerprint to target you based on factors like the typefaces and plug-ins you’ve installed. Safari’s fingerprinting defense makes it more difficult for someone to identify you by only sharing a reduced version of your profile with the websites you visit.

You can manage which applications are permitted to monitor your online activities across different websites and apps thanks to app tracking transparency. Additionally, a warning will appear if you attempt to view a dubious website, and Safari will stop it from launching. You can safely store your passwords in the iCloud Keychain and then have them automatically filled in when necessary.

It syncs with all of your devices. You will also be informed if there is a password breach thanks to Password Monitoring. You can see how your privacy is protected when you’re online by clicking the Privacy Report icon in the toolbar. You’ll see a screenshot of the cross-site trackers that Safari is blocking from using the website you’re visiting to profile you. For a larger perspective, there is also a weekly privacy report.

User Interface

Like the majority of modern web browsers, Safari features a simple appearance. The address bar appears in the top Centre of the screen. Everyone does it, though, since it works. Safari has a simple visual aesthetic and doesn’t overcrowd your screen with useless buttons. Everything is hidden under drop-down menus and other similar features.

You can access numerous web pages at once by using the tabs, which are located below the URL bar. Below those are any bookmarked pages you have saved. The only other thing on the screen is a menu button in the top left corner. Hey, we warned you that it was simple.


Generally speaking, Safari performs incredibly well on both Mac and iOS. On a Mac, we ran speed tests to compare Safari’s performance to Chrome’s. We used the three tests from BrowserBench, Speedometer 2.0, JetStream 2, and MotionMark, which each evaluate a different feature of the browser. When analyzing the results, which were as follows, take in mind that the speed of your browser may be impacted by the quality of your internet connection. Chrome won in the Speedometer category. Its reading was 122.05 versus 113.8 for Safari. As a result, Chrome is the quicker choice, while Safari is still fairly quick. With either browser, we haven’t noticed the slight difference.

On JetStream, Chrome registered a reading of 118.675, while Safari slightly outperformed it with a reading of 125.705. This suggests that Safari is capable of handling JavaScript workloads that are more complicated. However, Safari scored 356.31 on the MotionMark test, which evaluates the browser’s graphic capabilities, whereas Chrome scored 403.6. The main focus of MotionMark is user experience testing, specifically how a browser responds and functions in terms of visuals and responsiveness.


Safari is the default browser for Apple’s PCs and mobile devices, including the iPad and iPhone. Safari won’t work on Android, and while you might be able to run it on Linux or Windows, it’s not advised because Apple doesn’t provide support for those platforms, leaving your device open to security risks.

Final Verdict

Safari on Apple is good. Although not the best of evaluations, it is the reality. It performs its function to a respectable degree and provides all the essential capabilities of a web browser, but it falls short of the competition in terms of supplemental functionality and customization. In the end, Safari is a capable browser option for iOS and Mac users.

Using Safari for basic browsing makes sense if you’re an avid Apple user, especially considering its seamless connection with other Apple services like iCloud and Apple Pay. However, Safari’s pared-down user interface and limited number of extensions will feel constrictive if you’re searching for high levels of customization and personalization. Please let us know your thoughts about Safari.

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Safari on Apple is good. Although it is not the best evaluation, it is the reality. It performs its function respectably and provides all the essential features of a web browser, but it falls short of the competition in terms of additional features and customization.Safari Browser review