DealsSamsung HW-Q60B 3.1ch Soundbar: Price dropped to just $249.99

Samsung HW-Q60B 3.1ch Soundbar: Price dropped to just $249.99

The Samsung HW-Q60B is a 3.1-channel soundbar that is made to improve your movie-watching, game-playing, and music-listening experiences. The soundbar has three front speakers and a subwoofer that work together to make immersive and dynamic sound. The three front channels make a wide soundstage, and the subwoofer adds strong bass to make the sound more impactful.

The HW-Q60B has Samsung’s Acoustic Beam technology, which uses drivers that fire upward to make a soundstage that is more open and full. This makes it seem like the sound is coming from all around you without the need for more speakers. The soundbar comes with a wireless subwoofer that can be placed anywhere in the room to add deep, punchy bass.


  • 3.1-Channel Audio
  • Acoustic Beam Technology
  • Adaptive Sound
  • Smart Sound Mode
  • Compatible with Samsung SmartThings

With wireless connectivity, the soundbar and subwoofer don’t have to be physically connected. This gives you more options for where to put them. The Adaptive Sound feature looks at what is being played and adjusts the sound settings automatically to make the best sound for each type of content. This makes sure that the sound is clear and well-balanced when you watch movies, TV, or listen to music. The HW-Q60B has a number of ways to connect, including HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel), optical, and Bluetooth. With HDMI ARC, you can connect your soundbar to your TV with just one cable to play music and control it.

How to get Samsung HW-Q60B 3.1ch Soundbar?

The optical input gives you another way to connect to your TV, and Bluetooth lets you stream music from compatible devices without wires. This soundbar also has a Smart Sound mode that automatically analyzes the audio signal and optimizes it based on what is being played. It makes the dialogue clearer and changes the audio settings to make listening better overall. If you have other smart Samsung devices in your home, you can connect the HW-Q60B to Samsung SmartThings to control and automate them more easily.

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