ReviewsSamsung The Frame review (2023) a true lifestyle product

Samsung The Frame review (2023) a true lifestyle product

It's super sleek and stylish and just feels great when you use it.


Smart TV
Images and Sound Quality


The Samsung The Frame is a good TV overall. It is great for watching TV shows and sports in bright rooms as it is bright enough to combat glare, has impressive reflectivity, and upscales lower resolution content well. It's also good for gaming, as it has HDMI 2.1 bandwidth, supports variable refresh rates (VRR), and offers low input lag for a responsive gaming experience.

This new version of The Frame, which is the star of Samsung’s lifestyle TV line, looks like it could be hung on the wall as a piece of art. With a brand-new matte finish, the screen doesn’t look at all like a normal TV panel. Just clip on a picture frame bezel, which is optional, and the illusion is really finished. The Frame TV from Samsung is a great mix of style and technology. The Frame is a 4K QLED TV with a swappable, snap-on picture frame and an ingenious anti-glare display that can show all kinds of art. It’s like a big sigh of relief for anyone who hates having a big blank screen in the middle of their room.

Samsung The Frame: Description

The Frame is without a doubt Samsung’s most popular lifestyle TV, and I bet it’s saved more than a few marriages. Because, let’s face it, as screens have gotten bigger, technology has gotten cheaper, and home theaters have become more popular, especially during the pandemic, more of us have had to give up decorating for entertainment. So, Samsung asks, why not make your TV a beautiful work of art as well?

Even though I’ve seen and played with The Frame in person more than once, we wanted to see how it works in real life, including choosing the bezel, installing it, and, of course, using it. Samsung sent me a big, beautiful 65-inch version to my Brooklyn apartment to help me out, and we have been reviewing it for the last few weeks.

Samsung The Frame: Pros and Cons


  • Generally good picture quality
  • Solar-powered remote
  • Plentiful sizes, customization options
  • Includes Samsung Slim-Fit Wall Mount


  • One Connect Box is bulky
  • Black level is limited
  • Expensive
  • No Dolby Vision

Specification Table

Model tested55in
Resolution3840 x 2160 4K
HDMIx4 (1x eARC, 1x 120Hz)
Dimensions1238(w) x 708(h) x 25(d)mm
Official linkVisit Website

Samsung The Frame: Design

Samsung the frame review

Samsung tried hard to make The Frame look and work like a painting, and this is clear in the way it was made. Most companies try to make their TVs’ bezels as small as possible these days. Samsung, on the other hand, has made its bezels almost half an inch wide on all sides, like a picture frame. The default color of the bezel on the unit we looked at was black, but you can choose from a number of other colors and styles to better match your personal style and art collection, and you can change them whenever you want. The price will go up by an extra $199.99 for each of these, though.

Other than that, The Frame is 32.8 by 57.4 by 1 inches (HWD) and weighs 49.4 pounds. This is about the size of a standard TV, but it is about 45% thinner than earlier versions. It has almost no ports on the set itself, which helps it keep its sleek, uncluttered look. In fact, the back panel’s main features are the holes for attaching a 400x300mm VESA mount or the included Samsung Slim-Fit Wall Mount, which lets the TV rest almost perfectly flush against the wall.

Other options include a two-piece, adjustable stand for putting the set on a TV stand with room for a soundbar underneath, and a three-legged Studio Stand ($299.99) that shows off its gallery-like design. With MyShelf products, you can frame your TV with top and bottom shelves, peg boards, and more. Prices range from $99.99 to $299.97. The only port on the back is the One Connect jack, which lets you run a single, thin cable through a hole in the panel to the included One Connect Box, which can be placed anywhere in the room because the cable is 16 feet long.

Samsung The Frame: Smart TV

The rest of The Frame’s interface, including Art Mode, is based on Samsung’s Tizen operating system, which is used well in the set. The Frame TV lets you download and use a wide range of streaming apps, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+, Disney Plus, and local services like BBC iPlayer and Sky’s Now TV. In the Samsung TV Plus app, there is also a list of free streaming channels.As you scroll down, you’ll see horizontal rails with a mix of hand-picked and algorithmically chosen content from your installed TV streaming apps.

In the “On Now” section, live TV from your apps is shown, and below that, popular shows and movies from Netflix and Disney Plus are shown. The Frame’s interface is easy to use, full of suggestions for relevant content, and quick to move around. Samsung’s The Frame TV is smart in many more ways than just being able to stream. Alongside Art Mode is Samsung’s Ambient Mode, which has been on other sets for a long time. It can be used as a sort of screensaver when the TV isn’t being used, showing headlines, weather reports, or just slideshows of photos.

Images and Sound Quality

Aside from the way it looks, the picture tech on The Frame (2022) is very good. The panel has rich QLED colors that look real and is very sharp. Motion handling easily improves clarity, but be careful with the Auto setting. It makes everything look like a soap opera, which can be distracting in movies and TV shows with a cinematic style. Digital art looks great on the matte screen, which is now standard across all of Samsung’s lifestyle products. It really does look like a painting on canvas. It also cuts down on glare, which makes the TV easy to put anywhere.

High brightness is another thing that works in its favor as art. This means that The Frame (2022) is a good movie to watch in a bright room or during the day. The set also does a good job with its high dynamic range. we found that 700 nits was the peak brightness for HDR. Specular highlights are intense and give images a sense of depth.

The TV works with HDR10+ and HLG, but not with Dolby Vision. On a normal flatscreen, this omission would be an automatic fail, but on The Frame, it doesn’t even get a hard stare. This is because no one will buy this model to use it as a serious home theater. Samsung’s Quantum Processor 4K and its AI-optimized Intelligent picture setting allow the TV to take care of picture settings on its own. Most of the time, this works fine. If you want to, you can always turn off AI control and look at more traditional image presets.

Pricing and availability

Samsung’s The Frame, a TV that looks like a painting, comes in a whopping seven different versions. This is probably because the company thinks that a TV that looks like a painting should come in about as many sizes as paintings. Since the hardware for the 55-inch to 85-inch models is the same, we would expect them to work about the same as the 65-inch model we tested.

The smaller sets have a few less features, like speakers that aren’t as loud and don’t support 4K/120Hz. The 32-inch set has a maximum resolution of 1,920×1,080 (1080p, or full HD), but the operating system, interface, and art experience should be the same on all sizes.

Final Words

The Frame is a unique TV show that looks better than ever in this 2022 version. The matte screen is a great addition to The Frame’s artistic feel, which is why it was used. The Frame has a lot going for it when it comes to interior design.

Overall, the picture quality is good, but the black level depth isn’t very deep and the screen tends to bloom when the backlight is on. The sound effects on the screen are surprisingly good. The One Connect box makes it easier to hang things on the wall by reducing the mess of wires to a single strand. However, you will need to find a place for the box, as it is quite large.


Is Samsung the frame worth buying?

All in all, Samsung’s The Frame TV is worthwhile for anyone looking for an efficient, high-quality TV solution for their home entertainment system that makes use of every inch of living space. After all, who wouldn’t rather watch Van Gogh’s Starry Night than a black screen?

What are the benefits of Samsung Frame TV?

It also automatically adjusts the screen’s brightness, which helps it look less like a TV and more like a piece of art when in art mode. Like the 2021 model, it’s 45% thinner and hangs flush against the wall. It even comes with a slim-fit wall mount that lets you hang it right out of the box.

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The Samsung The Frame is a good TV overall. It is great for watching TV shows and sports in bright rooms as it is bright enough to combat glare, has impressive reflectivity, and upscales lower resolution content well. It's also good for gaming, as it has HDMI 2.1 bandwidth, supports variable refresh rates (VRR), and offers low input lag for a responsive gaming experience.Samsung The Frame review (2023) a true lifestyle product