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Save $60 on Logitech G604 at Best Buy

Can a gaming mouse ever have too many buttons? Fans of MMOs, MOBAs, strategy games – anything with cooldowns – would say, “Never.” With that in mind, Logitech’s latest mouse, the G604 Lightspeed, is an MMO- or Battle Royale-style wireless mouse that has six macro buttons under its thumb. While it doesn’t have as many buttons as its predecessor, the G600, it’s a rare addition in a class of mice we don’t see that often anymore, and one of the only wireless options to boot. Unfortunately, though, the G604 isn’t the mouse WoW and DOTA players have been dreaming of. While it has a lot of great features, its oddly hunched shape leads a list of problems that keep the device more than a few steps away from MMO stardom.

The basic design of the G604 hasn’t changed much since the G602. It’s still an ergonomic right-handed mouse with a protruding thumb rest and six small thumb buttons. However, it now has an all-black case with textured palm and thumb rests. Two buttons next to the left mouse button let you adjust the DPI (dots per inch) sensitivity up and down, and the scroll wheel can be rotated in three directions. There are also two buttons in the center to adjust the scroll wheel’s tension and wireless connection.

Otherwise, the mouse still feels good in the hand and is perhaps a bit more comfortable for players with claw grips than those with palm grips. The thumb buttons are also much better than they used to be, with easy-to-press protrusions instead of tiny prisms. It’s pretty easy to tell the keys apart even without looking, which is good for players in the middle of a demanding skill rotation.

One big difference between the G602 and the G604 is that the latter can connect via USB dongle as well as Bluetooth. Even more, you can switch between the two with a single button press. This means you can connect the G604 to your gaming system via USB and then instantly switch to a Bluetooth connection for a laptop or mobile device. Plus, the G604’s battery life is much longer over Bluetooth, so you can even switch back and forth between the two connections if you want to maximize your battery charge.

In addition, the G604 runs Logitech’s G Hub software, which continues to be a reliable service. Since the device doesn’t have RGB lighting, most of the options relate to DPI settings and button programming. There are a variety of button options, including Logitech’s handy G-Shift feature that allows for a whole bunch of additional mouse commands. This basically gives you six to eight extra buttons, depending on how persistent you want to be.

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