Save Upto $500 on Samsung 55″ Class The Frame QLED 4k Smart Tizen TV at best buy

The Frame’s big gimmick lies in its very name. It is designed to resemble a framed picture and features a frame that looks more like a hanging portrait than a TV set. Instead of disappearing into the edges of the screen, The Frame’s frame is flat and rectangular with 90-degree angles. The frame can be replaced or customized to better fit the home décor; the default version is black, but other frames are available in brown, teak, white, beveled white, and beveled brick. The screen features a matte finish that reduces reflections and adds the hanging picture effect. You can also set the ambient art mode to display a matte frame around the picture to further enhance the illusion.

With the backlight set to a moderate level, the effect is striking and subtle enough that guests might mistake what appears on the screen for a framed picture at first glance. A thin wall mount comes with The Frame that allows the TV to remain almost flat against the wall. A simple table stand is also included in the package if you prefer to place the TV on a flat surface. The Samsung TV The Frame has a unique design that makes it look more like a framed work of art than a TV set. It comes with black frames, and covers can be purchased separately to apply over the top to achieve a different color, although not all sizes are available in the same colors.

It also comes with the One Connect box to connect all devices and have a single cable going to the TV to keep the setup clean. The wide feet do a good job of supporting the screen, but they do not prevent all the wobbling. You can raise the feet to a higher position, but placing a thick soundbar in front could block the screen. If you do not want to use the stand, Samsung’s Slim-Fit wall mount is also provided, which allows you to place it flush with the wall.

The back of the TV is simple and has slots for the Slim-Fit wall mount. This TV comes with the One Connect Box, which houses the inputs and is separate from the TV. This system keeps the setup clean because all devices connect to the box instead of the TV, and then you connect the cable directly to the TV. There are rails along the back that allow you to route the wires for cable management. The Samsung The Frame comes with a black border, and if you order the frames in a different color, they are placed over this border.

The Samsung The Frame 2022 is very slim and sits flush to the wall with the included Slim-Fit wall mount. The Samsung The Frame TV has excellent build quality. The plastic is solid and there are no obvious flaws in the construction. There is only some front-to-back wobble and the back panel flexes slightly, but it is not too noticeable. The main problem is that the cable that goes from the One Connect Box to the TV is difficult to connect and feels flimsy, but this is only a problem if you have to unplug the box often.

The Samsung The Frame does not have a local dimming function. However, we shot these videos on the TV to show you how the backlight behaves and to make it easier to compare with a TV equipped with local dimming. The Samsung The Frame 2022 has good HDR peak brightness. The brightness is sufficient to bring out some highlights, but without a local dimming function, small highlights do not stand out over the rest of the picture. EOTF follows the reference curve well, but all scenes are slightly brighter than they should be. There is a slow roll-off at peak brightness, which means that fine details are not lost in bright scenes.

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