How to Set up Google Voice

Think about all the phone numbers you have so you can understand what Google Voice is. Most of you probably have a cellphone number that family and friends can use to get in touch with you, and some of you may also use it for work. If you get a lot of work calls and want to keep work and home life separate, you might also have a landline in your office. This article is about How to Set up Google Voice.

When you switch between all of these ways of talking all the time, it can be hard to keep track of them all. You might also miss some important calls. Google Voice helps with this. Google Voice is basically a cloud-based phone service that lets you use your cell phone as a landline. This gives you more ways to talk to people. It came out in 2009, and VoIP technology was used to send calls to different channels.

It only works with the internet, which is different from other mobile services. In short, you need a stable internet connection, a microphone, and a speaker to use the Google Voice service. With Google Voice, you will not miss any calls, no matter where you are or what device you are using (computer, iPad, or phone) (as long as you have an internet connection).

How to Set up Google Voice

Set up Google Voice

Set up Google Voice on iPhone

  • Get the Google Voice app from the App Store if you do not already have it.
  • Start the app, and when Google sees that you are signed in, tap Continue as .
  • Tap “Accept” to agree to the rules.
  • Tap Search to find a Google Voice number by city or area code.
  • Choose your number from the list.
  • Tap Next to confirm that you want to use your current phone number.
  • Enter your phone number and then tap Send Code.
  • Type in the text code you got.
  • You will get a message telling you that your account is ready to use.
  • Google then lets you know that your account has been added.
  • Google will ask if it can access your contacts. Tap OK.
  • Before sending notifications, Google asks for permission. Tap Okay.
  • Google sends a notice that all calls made from Google Voice will show up in the app.

Set up Google Voice on Android

  • If you do not already have the Google Voice app, you can get it from the Google Play Store and put it on your phone.
  • The app might or might not ask you to pick a Google account or sign in to it.
  • To choose a Google Voice phone number, tap “Search.” Choose the number you want to show to your contacts when you call them. You can look for something by city or area code.
  • When you choose a number, tap Select, and then tap Next to confirm the number you chose.
  • Google Voice checks that the number you chose is correct. If everything looks good, tap Accept Number.
  • You will be asked to add a number. If you have not already, add your mobile phone number to your Google account and click Send Code.
  • Google Voice wants to access your contacts. An alert asks for your permission to do this. Tap Okay.
  • A list of the people you know will appear.
  • You can now use your new phone number from Google Voice.

How to set up Google Voice on a computer

Follow the steps below to set up Google Voice on a computer:

  • Visit the site for Google Voice.
  • Sign in with your Google account to get to it.
  • Accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy that are shown on the screen, and then click Continue.
  • Find available phone numbers by searching by city or area code. Try using a nearby city or area code if you can not find a good number.
  • Pick any number.
  • Follow the prompts in the dialogue box on the screen to check your phone number.
  • Click Finish to finish setting up.


Is Google Voice still free?

Can you make free calls with Google Voice? You have to pay for a Google Voice plan every month, but after that, local calls with a Google Voice number are free and international calls cost a small amount. Most calls to Canada from the United States are also free.

Do you need a code for Google Voice?

Google sends you a text message with a verification code when you sign up for Google Voice or add a phone to your account. You type this code into your phone to turn on Voice.

Is Google Voice free for iPhone?

Signing up for the service is free, and making calls and sending text messages are also free as long as you use it to talk between your Google Voice number and other U.S. numbers.

Does Google Voice change your phone number?

To get started, Google Voice lets you keep the phone number you already have or choose a new one. If you want to choose a new one, you can choose one of the ones that are already there or make up your own.

Is Google Voice a good idea?

Google Voice is a good choice for many businesses because it has plans with lots of features, unlimited calling and texting, and helpful tools for managing calls. Google Voice is definitely worth a closer look if you are trying to decide which VoIP provider is best for your needs.

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