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How to Share Outlook Calendar on PC and Phone

Easily share your Outlook calendar with others so they can see your schedule and collaborate with you.

Choice is one of the best things about living in the digital age. You can choose an operating system that fits your needs and way of life, and then choose software that works well with that OS. In this article we will discuss about the how to Share Outlook Calendar on PC and Phone.

If you use Android, you may have been patiently waiting for the relationship between Microsoft and Android to grow so that you could use Microsoft software on your Android phone. You can use the Outlook calendar on your Android phone, which is a good thing. Not that there’s anything wrong with the built-in Google Calendar app, but this article will help people who like Outlook.

In our busy lives, it’s often harder than it should be to keep track of appointments and plans. One way to do this is by being able to send your work calendar to your personal phone. Adding the Outlook calendar to an Android phone is one way to do this if your employer uses Exchange or Office 365. If your job uses G Suite with Google Calendar and you want to sync it with your personal Outlook calendar, you can do that too.

What is Outlook Calendar?

The Microsoft Outlook email client includes a personal information manager (PIM) called Outlook Calendar. This PIM is integrated with the email client. Users are able to schedule and manage appointments, meetings, events, and tasks using this application. Sharing your calendar with other people and working together on schedules is also possible with the help of the numerous features offered by Outlook Calendar.

Outlook Calendar FeatureDescription
Create and manage appointmentsCreate and manage appointments, including setting dates, times, locations, and reminders.
Schedule meetingsInvite others to appointments and meetings, and track their responses.
View different calendar viewsView your calendar in different views, such as day, week, month, and year.
Set remindersSet reminders for your appointments and events so you don’t forget them.
Search your calendarSearch your calendar for appointments, events, and keywords.
Print your calendarPrint your calendar to have a physical copy of your schedule.
Set up recurring appointmentsSet up recurring appointments so you don’t have to create them each time they come around.
Create shared calendarsCreate shared calendars to collaborate with others and schedule meetings.
Use the calendar overlayUse the calendar overlay to see your schedule in different calendar views at the same time.
Use the weather forecastView the weather forecast for your location in the Outlook Calendar window.
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Why You Should Share Your Calendar in Outlook

If you are accustomed to working in an office setting or are a member of a large team, you are aware that collaboration is one of the most important factors in the achievement of goals. Your team will be able to keep moving forward and understand what each member is going to be doing on a particular day and time if they develop and adhere to a schedule.

How to Share Outlook Calendar on PC and Phone

The good news is that you can accomplish this task rapidly by utilizing the calendar sharing feature found in Outlook. It gives you the ability to monitor the schedules of your team members, which helps to keep the tasks organized. When you share your calendar with other people, you have the option of deciding how much access to specific events you want to grant them. You could, for instance, give your manager access to edit your calendar while limiting viewing privileges to just your coworkers.

How to Share Outlook Calendar on PC

  1. In Outlook, click the Calendar button.
  2. Select Calendar > Share from the menu bar.
  3. Type the recipient’s email address into the box labeled “Share Calendar” to make your calendar accessible to them.
  4. Can View, Can Edit, and Can Manage are some examples of permission levels you may choose from.
  5. Just accept the shared calendar by clicking the OK button.

How to Share Outlook Calendar on Phone

  1. Start the app for Outlook on your phone.
  2. Tap the icon of the Calendar.
  3. Tap the three dots in the upper right corner and choose Share Calendar.
  4. Enter the person’s email address whose calendar you want to share.
  5. Choose the level of access you want to give, like “Can View,” “Can Edit,” or “Can Manage.”
  6. To share your calendar, tap Share.

The Importance of Sharing Calendar Events

  • Improved communication and collaboration: When team members share their calendars, they can easily see when each other is available and schedule meetings and projects accordingly. This can help to reduce misunderstandings and improve communication overall.
  • Increased productivity: By being able to see each other’s schedules, team members can better plan their workload and avoid double-booking their time. This can lead to increased productivity and efficiency.
  • Reduced stress: When team members know what each other is working on and when they are available, they can feel less stressed about meeting deadlines and juggling multiple tasks. This can create a more positive and productive work environment.
  • Improved work-life balance: Sharing calendars can also help team members to achieve a better work-life balance. By being able to see each other’s schedules, they can avoid scheduling meetings and projects during times when they need to be away from work. This can help to reduce burnout and improve overall well-being.


Can I link my Outlook calendar to my phone?

Using an Exchange Active Sync mail account is the easiest way to add an Outlook calendar to an Android phone. In the example I gave, adding your work Outlook calendar to your personal phone, this should happen automatically. Active Sync is used by most companies that use Exchange.

Why is my Outlook calendar on my phone not syncing with my computer?

Tap the account that isn’t syncing. > Tap Account Reset. Check your account to see if it is syncing. tap the account that isn’t syncing, then tap Delete Account and Delete From This Device. Then, in Outlook for Android or Outlook for iOS, add your email account again.

Why is my Outlook calendar not syncing with my Android phone?

Outlook Calendar not syncing include: An incorrect calendar is selected for synchronization. Your Outlook account is not connected. The third-party application is misconfigured.

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