Simple And Gorgeous Android Wear Watch Faces

Simple And Gorgeous Android Wear Watch Faces

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Check Simple And Gorgeous Android Wear Watch Faces

With the launch of the first Android Wear watches, many developers have started releasing apps that work with the wearable. Along with the applications that provide different sets of functionalities to the device, the developers have released watch faces that allow users to customize the look of their wearable devices.

From this list, we picked our 25 favorite and best-looking Android Wear watch faces that you can get on the Play Store. Some of them just tell the time while looking good at it. Others do it in a unique way, while some have additional features that add to their value. Without further ado, here they are 25 beautiful Android Wear watch faces.

Binary clock face

Android Wear users with the ability to read binary in an instant You should try this watch face. Hours, seconds, and minutes are translated into binaries, which are displayed as colored dots on the clock. You can change the colors of the points, with premium features that allow you to display the time in decimal places, for those who need a little help. []

Convergence watch face

The new UI language for Android, Material Design, will soon be available on phones with the release of Android L. For fans of design, you can add a watch face inspired by it with Convergence. From the feel of the stack of paper, the colored circles, and the shadows, it’s one of the prettiest faces you can get right now. []

Chrono watch face to wear

Combinatorial the look of an analog and digital watch face, Chrono offers a lot of useful information at a glance and at the same time looks stylish. It even allows you to get battery information from both your portable device and your phone, along with the day and date in between. []

Matrix Face for Android Wear

This clock face emulates the famous Matrix digital rain on your Android Wear device, allowing you to look at the Matrix while knowing the time of day. []

Timeless – Wear watch face

TO minimalist clock face including beautiful background photos and will transition between them over time. If you prefer it without a background, you can disable it in the settings. []

Human time clock face

If you want a more human-readable watch that doesn’t include numbers, the human time watch face. Instead of numbers, the display will show the time the same way people say it, like “nine o’clock” or half past ten. You can customize the look of the face, from the background to the font. []

Aviation watch face for use

This watch face was a submission for the Moto 360 watch face contest. based on an aircraft speed measurement instrument. []

Orbital – Use the watch face

A very simple black and white watch face that tells the time using 3 points representing the hands of a clock. []

TextFace for Android Wear

Other human readable watch face, this time with a minimalist touch and the date of the day. []

Woto clock face

Fans of Moto 360’s default watch face who currently own other Android Wear watches should give this a try. It will help you fantasize about having one. And by itself, it is a nice watch face. []

Terminal clock face

Tech geeks and CLI purists should consider the Terminal watch face, which tell time in a command line environment. It’s not a real terminal, so you can’t give your Wear commands, but it will make you look like a retro hacker. []

Minimalist wear watch face

True to its name, this watch face is a minimalist analog style watch. You can change the color of any of the items on the watch and that’s about it when it comes to customization. []

Ingress Wear watch face

Entry players Should this watch face as shows the time to the next checkpoint as well as the time until the end of the current septic cycle. And it looks good to boot. []

DigiWatch for Android Wear

TO lint free digital clock expensive for Android Wear. You can change the font, size and background color of the watch face as you like. []

9 elements One watch face

A human-readable watch face that looks like a word search puzzle. Time will stand out among the words. []

Planets Watchface Android Wear

A watch face for the astronomy junkie, The planets will show the position and rotation of the planets in the Solar System. behind an analog clock. The data comes from NASA, so you can be pretty sure of the accuracy of the planets. []

Use BETA LCD screen

How about a little nostalgia? 90s kids will appreciate the Wear LCD watch face as is imitate Baby-G of his time. []

Time Wear Clock Face

This beautiful watch face will not only tell you the time, but also keep you updated with weather conditions in your area. []

Chron watch face

A large futuristic looking watch face that looks like something out of Tron. If the colors are not your style, you can change them for something less neon. []

12 hours of use

An Android Wear version of the phone widget., 12Hours will sync with your calendar and render them on your Wear as blocks of time. []

Clock face speeds

Emulating the aesthetics of a sports watch, this watch face even includes a speedometer for use when running and cycling. []

Watch face to wear – Square

A simple watch face that is meant to give your Wear a more elegant and classic look. []

Just a minute: use the watch face

This watch face shows you how many minutes are left in an hour. Perfect for those who like to keep track of time down to the minute. []

Use clock faces

A collection of great looking watch faces in one app, this one has 4 to choose from. My favorite has to be “Back to the Watch”, which offers you a Back to the Future inspired watch face. to see what other faces it has to offer. []

Android Wear Beautiful watches

Another collection of great looking watch faces, this time 10 of them in the pack. They range from analog, digital to human readable but they all look well done and beautiful. []

Final words: Simple And Gorgeous Android Wear Watch Faces

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