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Tears of the Kingdom: How to Solve In-isa Shrine Puzzle

In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you will find the In-Isa Shrine as part of the main quest The Closed Door. After you solve the Ukouh Shrine puzzle, you can go straight to this shrine. In this article we will discuss about Tears of the Kingdom: How to Solve In-isa Shrine Puzzle.

Since you don’t yet have the ability to Fast Travel, you’ll have to go deep into the Zelda map to find this Shrine. Like other shrines, the In-Isa Shrine has its own puzzle to solve. Because these puzzles are so different from each other, it will be hard to solve them.

How to Solve In-isa Shrine Puzzle in Tears of the Kingdom

  1. In the first room, fuse a boulder to your weapon to make a club.
  2. Swing the club at the stone barricade to destroy it.
  3. In the second room, swing your club at the further stone pillar to make the In-isa Shrine chest drop.
  4. Open the chest to get five arrows. Optionally, break the remaining pillars.
  5. Before going up the stairs, turn right and collect all the fire fruit from the trees.
  6. Pick up the old wooden bow.
  7. Fuse a fire fruit to an arrow to create a fire arrow.
  8. Aim up and shoot the foliage on the wall to burn the platform with the chest.
  9. Open the chest for a small key.
  10. Return to the previous room and use the small key to open the door on your right (at the top of the stairs).
  11. Proceed through the hallway and defeat the Captain Construct.
  12. Use fire arrows on the foliage beneath its feet for damage.
  13. Fuse spikes to your weapons for extra damage.
  14. Keep your distance and use arrows.
  15. Obtain the Construct bow after defeating it.
  16. Use the stick with a fused boulder dropped by the Captain Construct to shatter the stone wall in the next room.
  17. Interact with the green sigil in the following room to complete the “Ability to Combine” trial and receive a Light of Blessing.
  18. After leaving the shrine, a Steward Construct will approach you and give you a belt containing Energy Cells.

Where Is The In-Isa Shrine?

You can find the shrine in the southwest corner of Great Sky Island if you haven’t already. On the map below, you can see where it is. Your path is blocked by a pretty big lake, so you’ll need to use the Ultrahand ability to combine a few logs. Then, attach a sail and let the wind take you across the lake.

Tears of the Kingdom: How to Solve In-isa Shrine Puzzle

If you don’t have Ultrahand yet, you’ll need to clear out the Ukouh Shrine first. Not far into the shrine, you’ll come across a big stone wall that you need to break through. A sword is buried in the ground next to a boulder, and they were put there on purpose.

What’s Tears of the Kingdom about?

The game has a huge open world, just like Breath of the Wild. This time, though, the sky is full of floating islands and other places to go. It reminds me of Zelda: Skyward Sword, an older Wii game that you can also play on the Switch. There are also deep dungeons and caverns to explore.

Link and Zelda find a strange buried horror under Hyrule that causes huge changes and makes Zelda disappear. Your quest to find her and travel through a world infected with a toxic mist-like gloom while enjoying crafting powers that come from an infected/blessed arm takes you to dozens of towns, hidden places, and a cast of hundreds.


How long does it take to beat Tears of the Kingdom?

How Long Does It Take To Beat Tears Of The Kingdom? If you’re someone who tends to stick to the main story when you’re playing a game, then according to, your Tears of the Kingdom playthrough will clock in around 48 hours.

Does Tears of the Kingdom run well?

Dozens of glowing reviews for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom have dropped this morning, and one tech-focused evaluation notes that the game runs surprisingly well on the aging Switch hardware.

Is Zelda Tears of the Kingdom worth it?

The sheer freedom and discovery in this game will keep you entertained for hours on end. This is Nintendo’s first time charging $70 for a game. While some are justifiably upset about the price increase of new releases, Tears of the Kingdom is absolutely worth every single penny.

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