ArticleDealsSonos Roam Smart Portable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Speaker: original price $179.99, Deal price $134.25

Sonos Roam Smart Portable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Speaker: original price $179.99, Deal price $134.25

The Sonos Roam is a small, flexible smart speaker that combines the portability of portable audio with the high-quality sound for which Sonos is known. The Sonos Roam has a sleek, modern design that looks good and works well. It is a small, light speaker that weighs just under a pound. This makes it very portable and easy to move around with. The Roam is shaped like a cylinder with rounded edges, which gives it a high-end feel.

The speaker is made of a strong, waterproof fabric with an IP67 rating that can handle splashes, rain, and even being submerged in water by accident. The speaker also has a rubber base that keeps it from moving around on different surfaces. The Sonos Roam has a wide range of features that are hard to beat. It can connect to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, so you can stream music from your phone, tablet, or computer without wires. The speaker has Bluetooth 5.0, which makes the connection more stable and gives it a wider range.


  • Portable Design
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Auto Trueplay
  • Smart Home Integration
  • Water and Dust Resistance
  • Multiroom Audio

With Wi-Fi, you can easily connect the Roam to your existing Sonos system and use it with other Sonos speakers to play music in more than one room. The Roam also has voice control built in, and both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant can be used with it. This means you can use voice commands to play music, control smart home devices, ask questions, and more without having to reach for your phone. The voice control works well and responds quickly, making it a useful feature, especially when you’re on the go.

Auto Trueplay technology is another great thing about the Sonos Roam. This feature uses the speaker’s built-in microphones to figure out what’s going on around it and then automatically adjusts the sound output for the best quality. The Roam adjusts its sound to give you a balanced and immersive listening experience whether you’re in a small room or a wide-open space outside. Performance-wise, the Sonos Roam does not fall short when it comes to sound quality.

Even though the speaker is small, it makes sound that is loud, clear, and full of detail. The Roam uses two Class-H digital amplifiers, a tweeter for high-frequency reproduction, and a mid-woofer for balanced bass response. The result is a sound performance that is well-balanced and can fill a room with full sound. The Sonos Roam has a good battery life as well. It can play music for up to 10 hours straight, so you can use it all day.

Where to get Sonos Roam Smart Portable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Speaker?

The Roam can be charged with USB-C, which is quick and easy, and it can also be charged wirelessly with any Qi-compatible charger. The Sonos Roam is a great portable speaker that has great sound quality, a lot of different uses, and a lot of features. Its sleek design, tough build, and waterproofing make it a great companion for outdoor adventures, and its integration with Wi-Fi and voice assistants makes it easy to connect and control. With its great sound, the Sonos Roam is a great addition to the Sonos lineup. It’s perfect for people who want a portable speaker without sacrificing sound quality.

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