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Starfield: How to Install ComSpike Module and Conduction Grid Module

Essential tips and tricks for installing the ComSpike and Conduction Grid Modules in Starfield, and getting the most out of your ship

Adding Starfield-specific modules to your ship can improve space travel. The ComSpike and Conduction Grid Modules are useful. Your ship will gain important capabilities by installing these items. The ComSpike Module improves space communications. New options include broadcasting on different frequencies and using secured channels. In this article we will discuss about the how to Install ComSpike Module and Conduction Grid Module in Starfield.

Conduction Grids give ships an edge in combat. This module optimises weapon energy distribution, increasing damage and effectiveness. The “Eye of the Storm” mission in Starfield requires you to install a ComSpike Module and Conduction Grid on your ship. To equip these powerful modules on your ship, spend some time in Ship Builder. With the right steps, these can be installed quickly.

How to Install ComSpike Module and Conduction Grid Module

  1. Use your quest journal to track “Eye of the Storm” as active.
  2. Locate Jasmine “Jazz” Durand using the objective marker.
  3. Talk to Jazz and choose “I’d like to view and modify my ships” from the dialogue screen.
  4. Press B or X to select “Ship Builder” in the Shipbuilding menu.
  5. To view the ship parts list, press G (Keyboard) or A (Controller) and click Add.
  6. Cycle through the top right options until Equipment using Q/T or LB/RB appears.
  7. Ship parts “ComSpike” and “Conduction Grid” Modules are free under Equipment.
  8. Click and drag these parts to your ship after buying them. After selecting a module, your ship will have highlighted areas where it can be attached without errors.
  9. You’ll be asked to save changes after leaving the menu. Click Accept to finish ship modification.

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Tips for Optimizing ComSpike and Conduction Grid Performance


  • Use the right ComSpike for the job. There are different ComSpikes available, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. For example, the Basic ComSpike is good for all-around use, while the Advanced ComSpike is better for hacking and other technical operations.
  • Upgrade your ComSpike. ComSpikes can be upgraded to improve their performance. This is especially important if you plan on using your ComSpike for hacking or other high-level operations.
Starfield: How to Install ComSpike Module and Conduction Grid Module
  • Use ComSpike mods. There are a variety of ComSpike mods available that can further improve your ComSpike’s performance. Some mods can increase your hacking speed, while others can make it more difficult for enemies to detect your ComSpike.

Conduction Grid

  • Make sure your ship has the right Conduction Grid. There are various types of Conduction Grids, and each has its own pros and cons. The Basic Conduction Grid is good for general use, while the Advanced Conduction Grid works better with ships that have a lot of weapons and armor.
  • Make your Conduction Grid better. You can upgrade Conduction Grids to make them work better. This is very important if you want to power strong weapons or shields with your Conduction Grid.
  • Use mods for the Conduction Grid. There are many Conduction Grid mods that can make your Conduction Grid work better. Different mods can change how much power you have or make it harder for enemies to damage your Conduction Grid.


Please keep in mind that these steps are just general tips for modding Bethesda games. They might not work directly for “Starfield” if the game’s modding system is different or if the developers give you specific installation instructions. The official documentation for the game and the modding community are the best places to find the most accurate and up-to-date information on how to install modules and mods in “Starfield.”


Can I install the ComSpike Module & Conduction Grid Module on any ship?

The ComSpike Module as well as the Conduction Grid Module can be installed on any ship, that is correct. On the other hand, it is essential to keep in mind that the modules will operate to a higher standard on ships that have been adequately maintained and that have the necessary components.

What are the benefits of installing the ComSpike Module & Conduction Grid Module?

Both the ComSpike Module and the Conduction Grid Module are required in order to successfully complete the “Eye of the Storm” quest. Electromagnetic radiation will completely dismantle your ship if you do not have the modules. Additionally, the modules have the potential to provide a sizeable performance boost to your ship, thereby making it more powerful and resilient.

Where can I get the ComSpike Module & Conduction Grid Module?

During the “Eye of the Storm” quest, the Crimson Fleet will give you the opportunity to acquire the ComSpike Module as well as the Conduction Grid Module.

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