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SteelSeries Arena 7 review

SteelSeries Arena 7 speakers deliver superb sound quality with a touch of RGB color, continuing the brand's excellent reputation and performance in gaming audio. The makers of some of our most popular gaming headsets have created equally impressive desktop speakers.

In the brand-new Arena speaker range, the Arena 7 is actually the middle kid. The two main desktop units we have here are provided by the Arena 3, which is at the low end of the spectrum. Upgrading to the Arena 7 adds a 6.5-inch subwoofer for more bass and low-end goodness, and finally, spending £550/$550 enables 5.1 channel audio for PC gaming by introducing rear and centre speakers to the mix.

The fundamental question is whether a set of gaming speakers is actually any good or whether several units rather than a single soundbar or set of speakers will likely offer a superior level of immersion. With the SteelSeries Arena 7, your immersion in the game will be full. This set works in all circumstances, whether you want to play Call of Duty or watch a funny video.

With the Sonar software, you may configure various profiles to get the optimal audio for each game and kind of movie. The USB-C to USB-A connector that comes with the package makes connecting it simple. Does your computer support Bluetooth? Bluetooth the Arena 7 to your computer. By turning the dial, you may adjust the speaker volume, and by pushing the multipurpose button, you can mute the speaker. The RGB illumination on the speakers offers a palette of 16,8 million colours.

SteelSeries Arena 7 review: Design

The two satellite speakers of the Arena 7 seem more fascinating than standard bookshelf speakers even before they are turned on. Each one features curves in the ideal locations and built-in stands that can withstand a significant amount of tilt. Most gaming PC configurations should look great with the matte black finish. Although the translucent white panels that conceal the back RGB lights aren’t quite as attractive, we’ll give them a pass because they’re never actually on view.

The speakers don’t take up much space on a desk because they are only about 20 cm height and 20 cm deep. However, as there are no speaker grilles included in the package to protect them from stray fingers, both the woofer and the tweeter are exposed. Parents should keep them away from any curious children.

SteelSeries Arena 7 review: Features

Each speaker has individual lighting zones that are accessible from a panel on the rear as well as the base’s rim. The RGB glass on the back of an otherwise beautifully designed machine feels a little like an afterthought; it doesn’t merge into the design like everything else and simply feels a little grafted on. If we had one comment, it would be that. It’s on the back, though, and you won’t ever see it again once you’ve set up your speakers for the first time, so it’s only a minor complaint.

The amount of coloured light that each speaker is able to project is astounding, and it performed an excellent job of radiating off the wall behind my monitors. Although the base rim has little throw, it has enough impact to be a useful enhancement. A double push of the multi-function button on the right speaker will completely turn off RGB if you don’t like it; excellent touch, SteelSeries.

SteelSeries Arena 7 review: Connectivity

Numerous connectivity choices are visible on the rear of the subwoofer, including USB Type-C for direct connection to PCs, optical audio for connecting to a TV, a 3.5mm audio connector for use with other devices, and connections for the speakers themselves. However, the Arena 7 offers even more wireless communication options via Bluetooth. This is a huge game-changer for me, especially since we frequently shut down my PC and use my phone instead to listen to podcasts or music. It’s also great to be able to easily couple my phone with the Arena 7 if I’d like a more immersive experience.

SteelSeries Arena 7 review: Sound Quality

We had high hopes that Steelseries would apply its expertise in creating excellent gaming headsets to the speaker market. The good news is that it does. The Arena 7 is a system with amazing capabilities and powerful acoustics. The speakers were always in their element, whether we were evading gunfire and explosions in Arkane’s Deathloop, working while listening to Spotify, or binge-watching the newest episodes of She-Hulk on Disney+.

Even at low volumes, the sound has excellent clarity and is warm, which helps to more than adequately justify the asking price. Even if high frequencies don’t dominate the mix, it’s nevertheless simple to hear footsteps and broken glass while playing video games. There is also a strong sense of spatial awareness for a stereo pair.

Price and Availability

Overall, the SteelSeries Arena 7 is a good choice for anyone looking for a set of gaming speakers that will provide a more immersive audio experience for both music and video games, as well as for those who want the power of a subwoofer to complement the primary speakers itself. Although $300/£300 may seem like a lot of money, it actually offers exceptional value for the money, especially if you can locate a SteelSeries coupon. You can be sure that the Arena 7s would remain a regular for a very long time to come if I had the room for them in my setup.


The mid-high end of the gaming speaker spectrum is perfectly occupied by the SteelSeries Arena 7 speakers. They are really well made, have excellent audio quality, and are made to blend in with any environment. Making changes to the settings won’t have as much of an impact on your system as you may anticipate because of the straightforward setup and the software’s very small weight.

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The SteelSeries Arena 7 speakers are in the mid to upper range of the gaming speaker spectrum. They are really well made, have excellent audio quality and blend into any environment.SteelSeries Arena 7 review