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Stop iTunes in Updating iOS Software

This guide is about the How to Stop iTunes from Updating iOS Software. I will try my best so that you understand this guide very well. I hope you all like this guide How to Stop iTunes from Updating iOS Software.

When you connect iPhone or iPad to your computer using iTunes and an iOS software update is available, you’ll be notified of a pop-up window telling you that a new iOS version is available and asking if you want to upgrade to a new version of the iOS system software. If you click the Check for Update button in iTunes while your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch is connected, the same iOS software update will begin and the software will download and try to install.

If you’ve decided to accept an iOS software update in iTunes that you’ll immediately notice you don’t want to install yourself, you can Quickly stop the iOS update process in iTunes On a Mac or Windows computer.

Speed ​​is important if you hesitate too long after pressing the iTunes update buttons, it’s quickly too late (depending on the update download side), and you just have to give the update a full installation, possibly considering a discount. Note that this prevents iTunes from downloading the update and continuing with the installation, it just doesn’t stop the iOS update notification, like what’s available on the device.

Stop the iOS software update and downloads in iTunes

When iTunes warns you that new software updates are available and you click Check for Update or Download and Update, you need to act quickly and go quickly to stop the update …

  1. Click the Download button in the upper right corner of iTunes, it will look like a small arrow pointing down
  2. Click the download button to finish downloading and updating iOS

  3. Search for “iPhone Software Update” or “iPad Software Update” and quickly click the (X) small stop button to stop the download and stop the iOS software update from continuing
  4. Click to finish downloading iOS in iTunes

If the progress bar for the iTunes iOS software update changes to “paused,” you know you’ve managed to prevent the download and update process from continuing. Then you can simply select an item from the download list and delete it by pressing the “Delete” button. The process can be repeated the next time the update accidentally starts downloading, but it always requires quick action.

Prevent iTunes from updating your iOS software

You need to move quickly because some software updates are quite small and with a fast internet connection, the iOS update loads quickly and starts trying to install. Once the update is installed by itself, you must allow it to expire, as trying to address the middle of the update is a recipe to render your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch useless and require a full restore. Some versions of iOS can actually be upgraded, so that would be the next approach, if you accidentally install an update you didn’t want, you can tell us about the system software update here.

Skip the iOS update to prevent iTunes from checking for an iOS update

To prevent iTunes from checking for the same iOS update you just finished, you’ll need to skip the update. The easiest way to do this is when a pop-up window appears in iTunes, select the Don’t ask me again check box, and don’t choose to download or install it.

Skip the iOS update and block it in iTunes

This, of course, requires iTunes, and there is currently no way to ignore or stop iOS software updates from happening on your device directly in iOS. Users can stop iOS software update notifications on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, but the iOS update will try to continue to download itself to the device and get the user to install things unless some preventative measures are taken. Perhaps the upcoming iOS version offers the ability to completely ignore the iOS software update directly on the device, but in the meantime, the only way to achieve this is when the device is connected to a computer with iTunes.

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FAQ: How to Stop iTunes from Updating iOS Software

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In this guide, I told you about the How to Stop iTunes from Updating iOS Software.
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