VersusTeamSpeak vs Zello: which voice chat app is better for your needs?

TeamSpeak vs Zello: which voice chat app is better for your needs?

TeamSpeak is a piece of software that lets people talk to each other over the internet using their voices. It is often used in online gaming communities, where players can create private or public “servers” to connect and talk with their teammates. TeamSpeak offers high-quality voice chat with low latency, as well as text chat, file sharing, and server settings that can be changed. It can be used on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android, among other platforms.

Zello, on the other hand, is a push-to-talk (PTT) app that lets you talk like you are using a walkie-talkie. It lets you talk and listen instantly by pressing a button to talk and letting it go to listen. Zello is popular in many fields, like public safety, logistics, and hospitality, where quick and reliable voice communication is important. It lets you talk to one person or a group, and it has features like text messaging, sharing your location, and showing your availability in real time. Zello is also available on platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android.

TeamSpeak vs Zello Price

When it comes to prices, TeamSpeak and Zello are not exactly the same. The server software for TeamSpeak usually has a one-time cost, and it can be bought from the TeamSpeak website or from authorized resellers. TeamSpeak also has optional licensing for some features, such as using it for commercial or non-profit purposes, which may cost extra.

Zello, on the other hand, prices things differently. Zello’s basic features are free to use, so users can get to the platform’s core features without having to pay anything. But Zello also has paid plans with advanced features and extra benefits that you can choose if you want to. Some of the features of these paid plans could be faster support, bigger groups, or integrations with other services. The cost of these plans can vary depending on what the user or organization wants and needs.

TeamSpeak vs Zello Comparison Table

Voice CommunicationOffers high-quality voice communication with low latency.Provides push-to-talk (PTT) functionality for instant voice communication.
Text ChatSupports text chat for quick messaging and file sharing.Supports text messaging for individual and group conversations.
ChannelsOrganizes users into channels for efficient communication.Organizes users into channels for better organization and management.
Server HostingRequires self-hosting or renting a server from a hosting provider.Offers both self-hosting and cloud-hosting options.
Cross-PlatformAvailable on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android.Available on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android.
SecurityProvides strong encryption for secure communication.Uses end-to-end encryption for enhanced security.
ScalabilitySupports large-scale deployments with thousands of users.Suitable for both small and large user bases.
CustomizationOffers extensive customization options for server administrators.Provides limited customization options.
User ManagementProvides robust user management features for administrators.Offers basic user management capabilities.
Community SupportHas a large community with active forums and resources.Has an active community with support forums.
CostRequires a one-time fee for the server software and optional licensing for additional features.Offers free access to the basic features with optional paid plans for advanced functionality.
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TeamSpeak vs Zello User interface

TeamSpeak vs Zello

Both TeamSpeak and Zello have different ways to use them, which are based on how they work. TeamSpeak has a traditional client-server architecture, and its user interface is focused on making voice communication as easy as possible. The interface is usually made up of a server and channel hierarchy. Users can join certain channels to talk to other people. It has a clean, simple layout with a list of users and channels, as well as text chat and file sharing options.

Zello, on the other hand, is mostly made for push-to-talk (PTT) features that are similar to using a walkie-talkie. Its user interface is easy to understand and use, and it puts an emphasis on quick voice communication. Most of the time, the main screen shows a list of contacts or groups. This makes it easy for users to start or join voice conversations with just one button press. Zello’s interface is often made to be easy to use on mobile devices, with big buttons and a simple layout.

TeamSpeak vs Zello Customization

TeamSpeak has more options for customization than Zello when it comes to personalization. With TeamSpeak, server administrators can change a lot of different things. They can create and manage multiple virtual servers, set up different server groups with different permissions, customize channel hierarchies, and set up advanced server settings. With this level of customization, administrators can change the TeamSpeak server to fit their needs.

Zello, on the other hand, only lets you change a few things. Users can customize their profiles by adding a picture and a status message, but the options for customization are more geared toward the user level than the server administration level. Zello focuses on being simple and easy to use. It has a simple interface that can be used by a wide range of people without a lot of customization.

TeamSpeak vs Zello Security and Privacy

TeamSpeak vs Zello

TeamSpeak puts a lot of focus on security by using strong encryption protocols to keep voice and text communication safe. It protects data sent between clients and servers by using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption algorithm. This encryption makes it harder for people to listen in and get to sensitive information without permission. TeamSpeak also gives server administrators tools and options to improve security, such as the ability to set user permissions and password-protect channels.

Zello also puts security and privacy first by encrypting voice and text messages from end to end. End-to-end encryption makes sure that only the sender and the person to whom the message is meant can read it. This feature adds an extra layer of security, making it harder for people who shouldn’t be able to read the data being sent to intercept or decode it.

Both platforms care about privacy and have set up ways to keep user data safe. But it’s important to keep in mind that privacy policies can be different, and users should look at both TeamSpeak and Zello’s privacy policies to learn how their personal information is collected, stored, and used.

TeamSpeak: Pros and Cons


  • High-quality voice communication with low latency.
  • Extensive customization options for server administrators.
  • Suitable for large-scale deployments with thousands of users.
  • Strong encryption for secure communication.
  • Active community with support forums and resources.


  • Requires self-hosting or renting a server from a hosting provider.
  • One-time fee for server software and optional licensing for additional features.
  • Text chat and file sharing features are not as robust as other platforms.

Zello: Pros and Cons


  • Instant voice communication with push-to-talk functionality.
  • User-friendly interface, especially optimized for mobile devices.
  • Free access to basic features.
  • End-to-end encryption for enhanced security.
  • Suitable for both small and large user bases.


  • Limited customization options for server administrators.
  • Paid plans required for advanced features and benefits.
  • Focus on voice communication may not cater to all communication needs (e.g., text chat, file sharing).
  • Limited server management capabilities compared to other platforms.

Which one should you consider?

TeamSpeak is a platform with a lot of features that is great for high-quality voice communication and gives server administrators a lot of ways to change things. Zello, on the other hand, focuses on easy-to-use push-to-talk features and a focus on mobile use. Both Zello and TeamSpeak care a lot about security and privacy, but TeamSpeak lets you change server settings and customize them more, while Zello focuses on end-to-end encryption for each user’s communication. In the end, whether you choose TeamSpeak or Zello depends on your needs and preferences, whether you want to use it for gaming, work, or personal communication.


Is TeamSpeak 3 safe?

TeamSpeak is the best choice for your company’s internal, closed-loop communications systems because it is secure, works offline, and uses military-grade encryption. This gives you peace of mind that your data and conversations are 100% safe, secure, and private.

Does Zello record conversations?

We don’t keep detailed records of your conversations and what you say. The history of conversations is saved on the phones themselves. Zello only keeps track of each user’s IP address, Zello username, and the date and time they logged in.

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