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The Best Prostate Cancer Treatment in the World: 2021

Despite all the medical advances, cancer is still one of the most common causes of death. Because of the lack of modern equipment in many countries, cancer is often detected at advanced stages, when treatment is less effective.

To avoid this problem, many patients prefer to undergo cancer treatment abroad. The best prostate cancer treatment in the world is provided in Germany. Skilled healthcare professionals as well as the most advanced methods for treating cancer are concentrated here, which allows doctors to perform effective treatment for prostate cancer.

Reasons to choose Germany

Today, Germany is a leading country in the treatment of oncology for many reasons. Many patients with various cancers come here to receive modern treatments that are available only in Germany.

The cancer treatment methods in Germany include surgery with the da Vinci robotic systems, proton beam therapy, radiation and chemotherapy, the Lutetium-177 dotatate therapy. Many of these methods are not available in all countries, while they have already become routine in Germany.

Besides treatment, patients from all over the world come here to undergo examinations on up-to-date equipment. Here you can find CT, MRI, ultrasound scanning, PET, functional and endoscopic examinations. The latest laboratory tests are used, including genetic tests. Here you can be examined for oncological diseases in a short time.

Lutetium-177 therapy

Speaking of the best prostate cancer treatment in the world, we must mention target therapy with Lutetium. This method is widely used for prostate cancer treatment and treatment of neuroendocrine prostate tumors. Due to the selective mechanism of action, this method can target tumor cells without affecting healthy ones.

Once entering the body, the Lutetium-177 dotatate binds to somatostatin receptors on the tumor cells and Lutetium-177 PSMA binds to PSMA receptors on the tumor cells. Thanks to the radioactive component in the composition of the molecule, the radiation exposure on the tumor begins. Besides effective treatment of prostate neuroendocrine tumors, Lutetium-177 dotatate therapy is actively used to treat neuroendocrine tumors of other localizations.

Due to its selectivity for somatostatin and PSMA receptors, Lutetium-177 finds metastases all over the organism and destroys them. Furthermore, this method can be used if there are contraindications to surgical treatment.

Proton beam therapy

Another method that uses radiation for cancer treatment is proton therapy. Due to its technical complexity and expensive equipment, there are not many centers around the world that provide this type of treatment. Most of them are located in Germany.

In this type of treatment, as with Lutetium-177 dotatate and Lutetium-177 PSMA, the tumor cells are affected, while healthy cells are virtually safe. The minimal impact on healthy tissues allows use of proton therapy in debilitated patients after chemotherapy or in elderly patients.

To date, more than 200,000 patients have already undergone proton therapy for prostate cancer worldwide. This is the precise and sparing modality of radiation therapy that is adjusted individually to the tumor’s volume, shape and localization.

Treatment in the best foreign hospitals

If you are planning to undergo cancer treatment abroad, Germany, Switzerland or Turkey will be the best choice for you. Here you will find the most modern technology for effective and minimally invasive cancer treatment. Despite the global lockdown in many countries, it is still possible for patients to get treatment abroad.

To get the advanced medical treatment abroad, you can contact the medical tourism operator Booking Health. The company’s specialists will do everything necessary to ensure that you receive effective medical services in the best hospitals abroad, even during the lockdown.

Besides assistance with an arrangement of the medical program, with Booking Health you can save up to 60% of the cost for treatment abroad. Booking Health cooperates with hospitals directly, which allows avoiding additional fees for patients from foreign countries.


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