The Best Teen Dating Apps Android

The Best Teen Dating Apps Android

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Check The Best Teen Dating Apps Android

Modern dating has evolved exponentially over the years. The main reason for this is, of course, the advancement of the mobile internet. There were dating chat rooms even in the 90s, although online dating is currently in full swing. There are many dating app options, especially for adults.

However, if you are a teenager, your options are limited. Fear not, there are actually safe teen dating apps on Android. You just need to be careful about your privacy and stay safe, similar to any other social media app.

This article will cover not only the most popular dating apps for teens, but also some lesser known ones. Read on and see for yourself.

Top 4 Teen Dating Apps on Android

Dating apps tend to work just as well on iOS and Android devices, although some are geared more towards iPhones. You will only find perfectly functional Android apps in this list.

The amazing thing about dating apps is that you can meet people you would never know otherwise. Your OS may be miles apart, but these apps help bridge the gap between you. Introverts are also more likely to find a date online if they are shy about making a move in person.

At the top of the list, you’ll find the most popular teen dating apps that everyone knows, but we’ll cover some lesser-known alternatives later. Without further ado, here are our top picks.


Tinder is obviously the number one dating app because it is the most popular, so it offers the best selection of matches. You can swipe for days on Tinder, and even if you are picky, you can easily find someone interesting.

Please note that you must be 18 years or older to sign up for Tinder. and install it on your Android device, sign up (it’s pretty quick and easy) and you can start swiping.

Remember that both you and your prospective date must swipe right on each other’s profile photo to make a match. If you don’t like someone, just swipe left and go to the next person. They will no longer appear, Tinder has so many users that it never gets repetitive.

You’d be surprised how many people in your area use Tinder. Maybe they can even match you up with someone you know, but you never had the courage to ask them out in person.


Badoo is also a great dating app on Android devices. The selection of possible matches is almost infinite. The good thing about this platform is that it also allows you to show your personality, not just your appearance. Girls tend to care more about personality than appearance, while for boys it is the other way around.

Of course, that is a generalization and it is not exclusively so. Keep in mind that both things matter equally if you want to find a truly compatible match. You can easily find a date on Badoo, just watch out for cat fishing and always meet in public.

This applies to all the apps on this list, but we will address privacy issues later. Badoo is also only for people over 18 years old. In case you’re younger, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered too.


Yubo is a unique social app for teens. Anyone over the age of 13 can use it, but only with parental permission. This app used to be called Yellow, and you can think of it as a mix of Snapchat and Tinder. There is both slipping and video chatting.

The security features are great, there is cell phone 2FA (2-factor authentication), and minors are separated from adults. Teenagers ages 13-17 join a separate community, and Yubo goes out of his way to make it as safe as possible.

There is also a live streaming feature. This application is intended to make friends, both between adults and teenagers. Dating is not the main goal, but it is possible to find a date on Yubo. Posting sexual content or nudity is strictly prohibited.

Bullying is also prohibited in Yubo in both the adult and teen sections. As for adults posing as teenagers, you can be sure that Yubo works with law enforcement to restrain it.


Nearify is another unconventional social app. It’s not exactly made for dating, as it focuses on events near you, and is best used in sync with Facebook. You can reach out to your Facebook friends and find fun events to attend together.

Basically, this app can help you to get a date in real life, maybe with the person you have been crushing on for a long time. It makes things more organic and less awkward. They can bump into a concert and who knows what might happen from there.

There are no matches or slides on Nearify, which is honestly a breath of fresh air. Most dating apps are all about physical appearance and swiping left and right, which is limiting, to say the least. If you want a more interesting version of a social app, definitely give Nearify a spin.

Teen Dating App Safety Concerns

You probably already know most of these things, but it is important, so let’s talk about it. All dating app users should be cautious and aware of their privacy. There are many people who abuse these applications and scam other users.

Keep your private details hidden and only talk to people who seem genuine and authentic in their profile photo and description. Cat fishing is just one of the many types of abuse in these apps. If you are a minor, be even more careful and talk openly with your parents before signing up for Yubo.

Swipe your finger and stay safe

Today, many people find their OS online. It is wonderful to be successful, but it is often difficult to achieve. You will probably have to go through a heartbreak or two to get what you want, just like dating in real life.

Be careful when meeting someone and always set the first date in an open public space. Teenagers deserve to look for dates, just like adults, but it is recommended to be more careful when you are younger.

Have you ever found a date through a dating app? If so, how was your experience? For those who don’t use dating apps, would you give them a try? Why yes, why not? Let us know in the comments below.

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