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The Top Mac & Mac OS Tip Collections of 2021

This guide is about the The Top Mac & Mac OS X Tip Collections of 202I will try my best so that you understand this guide very well. I hope you all like this guide The Top Mac & Mac OS X Tip Collections of 2021.

At the end of 2021, bollyinside.com will look back and collect some of the most helpful Mac tips and tricks from last year. Yes, we post individual tips and walkthroughs every day, but we aim to give you the most pressure to focus your reading by focusing on our favorite sets, so take the time to read them all and master a wide range of Mac topics. We have something for everyone at all skill levels, general OS X tips to improve Mac productivity, little-known keyboard shortcuts, and some more advanced command-line tips, so read on and learn new tricks for the new year! (Don’t miss our favorite iOS, iPhone, and iPad tip collections, too!)

14 essential tips for Mac OS XChoose these tips and tricks for OS X and you’re more productive on your Mac.

4 simple Mac service tips Maintaining your Mac is critical to achieving optimal performance, but it shouldn’t be complicated. Here are a few very simple tips to follow to keep your Mac at the forefront.

9 Command Line Tricks for OS X You Should Know Whether you are an advanced user or just want the command line below the OS X GUI layer, these terminals are essential.

5 quick tips to free up disk space on your Mac Disk space will run out sooner or later, but you may be surprised to find out where all your storage capacity has gone. Follow these quick tips and you’ll free up tons of drive space on your Mac in an instant.

8 Simple Tips to Speed ​​Up Your Older Mac (or Any Mac, Actually) Does Your Mac Need to Speed ​​Up? Things are slowing down over time, and while these easy tricks are aimed at older Macs, they tend to speed up any Mac, even the latest models.

9 Reasons Why Your Mac Is Running Slow and What To Do If your Mac feels like it’s running slower than it should, there are usually reasons. We’ll cover the nine most common reasons why Macs start to run slowly, and most importantly, we’ll tell you what to do about it so you can get back to normal.

8 tips for protecting your Mac from viruses, trojans, and malware Macs are much more flexible to viruses, trojans, and malware than Windows computers, but they’re not completely impenetrable. The good news is that Macs are very easy to protect from such bad guys, and with a few simple tips, you can protect all your Macs from almost any known threat.

11 Mandatory Free Apps for Macs Whether you just have a new Mac or just want to get new apps, these 11 apps are a must for all OS X users, and best of all, they’re completely free!

5 Tips to Make iTunes Normal AgainItunes 11 completely changed the interface of Apple’s desktop media player and store, and while some people are fine with these interface changes, others prefer to look familiar with iTunes again. These tips make iTunes 11 look normal again, so you don’t have to look for podcasts, media, iOS devices, and always a useful sidebar.

10 Essential Keyboard Shortcuts for Open and Save Dialog Boxes in Mac OS X The Open and Save dialog boxes are certainly some of the most common in all OS X, and you can use these keyboard shortcuts to manage these dialog boxes instantly.

12 keyboard shortcuts for browsing and selecting text in Mac OS X for Mac users who type and type often – and who doesn’t? – Learn these keystrokes to navigate and select text faster than ever before.

21 iTunes Keyboard The ShorcutsMaster iTunes keyboard lets you do just about anything, from using libraries to managing your media library and playing music.

8 shortcuts for navigating the Mac OS X dock Did you know that you can only use the keyboard to access the OS X dock? Forget the cursor, you can launch and switch apps easily without ever raising your hand on the keys.

Start the new year with beautiful new wallpapers already buried for OS X, all you have to do is reveal them!

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