ReviewsTrend Micro Antivirus review 2023: for your digital security needs

Trend Micro Antivirus review 2023: for your digital security needs

Trend Micro is a powerful antivirus with many helpful features.


Ease of use and set up
User experience
Security features


Trend Micro is great at blocking malicious websites and offers great tools for secure banking. But it lacks some of the features you'd expect from a security suite, and the tools you do get are often underwhelming. It is a paid antivirus program that offers many features, but unfortunately does not perform as desired in its core business.

Trend Micro Antivirus provides something for everyone with its selection of four Windows-based antivirus suites, ranging from the entry-level AntiVirus+ Security to the premium Premium Security. With the same underlying malware-detection and eradication technology, a fortified web browser, and a gamer-friendly Mute mode, each program offers strong fundamental defenses. Additional security-focused features are included in the more expensive packages, including access to a virtual private network (VPN), file encryption, a password manager, and dark-web scanning.

Trend Micro Antivirus: Description

The company doesn’t offer webcam security for Windows computers or any unlimited plans for big families, which is a drawback. Although Trend Micro’s malware protection is among the best, it lags behind Norton and Kaspersky in terms of speed of scans and malware detection. Additionally, it appears to flag questionable software first and then ask questions, leading to high false-positive rates. However, Trend Micro’s combination of a VPN, online identity scanning, and a secure browser may be sufficient to tip the scales in its favor in the end. Antivirus+ Security is the core program from Trend Micro.

It has features like Mute Mode to stop interruptions during gaming, movies, or Zoom calls and costs $40 for one Windows PC. For online banking and shopping, it also includes Trend Micro’s Pay Guard secure browser. For $80 more, Trend Micro Internet Security will cover three Windows computers. To make your PC run more efficiently, it has parental controls, a social media scanner, and a system optimizer. Although Trend Micro’s Firewall Booster monitors data traffic for signs of intrusion and botnets, it does not have a firewall to replace the one included with Windows 10.

Trend Micro Antivirus: Pros and Cons


  • Very good malware protection
  • Secure browser for online shopping
  • Dark Web scans


  • High renewal costs
  • High false positive rate in some tests
  • Limited licensing choices

Key Features Table

Malware protectionVery good
System impact, scansHeavy
Backup softwareNO
File encryptionYes
File shredderYes
Official linkVisit Website

Ease of Use and Set Up

Trend Micro Antivirus review

It’s simple to start. The installation procedure is largely automatic, and there is a free trial available. To take advantage of the free trial, you don’t even need to enter your email address. It’s important to note that the installation consumes quite a few system resources. In addition to seven background processes, it uses over 1GB of data and executable files, including 1GB in an installer folder. If you choose to uninstall the software, it is worthwhile to check your files because these files occasionally persist.

The program doesn’t have a lot of menus or buttons, so you won’t be confused by them. Instead, a sizable round Scan button will be visible in the middle of your screen when the software first launches. By hovering over the button, you can quickly choose between the Quick, Full, or Custom Scan options from here. You can see your status clearly below, so you will know if real-time protection has been turned on. Any additional tools you might require are concealed behind the Device, Privacy, Data, and Family buttons on the screen. Additionally, there is a submenu that organizes the features and makes it simple to find everything.

Once the download is complete, installation takes only a few minutes. Additional features like parental controls are also easy to set up. Overall, it is fairly simple to set up and operate. Since there is no real need to continuously monitor the software, it is perfect for beginners. You are protected by the software, which runs smoothly in the background.

Trend Micro Antivirus: User Experience

Trend Micro urges you to download the Trend Micro Toolbar, which guards against dangers and con artists while also protecting financial transactions. Regarding the main software, you can either click through the basics the first time you open it or choose to watch a longer tutorial if you prefer.

To start a quick scan that should be finished in a few minutes, tap the large main scan button. Alternately, you can select a full scan or make a custom scan by hovering over the down arrow. If you’re logging off for the day, you have the option of choosing to shut the computer down after it is finished. The scan provides a threat analysis and device optimization.

There are four tabs to select from on the main screen. Real-time scanning, web filtering, PC optimization, and even a useful function called Mute Mode that disables non-critical notifications can all be configured, enabled, or disabled on the Device tab. Social network, transaction, and other privacy settings are found under privacy, including data-theft prevention, which is by default turned off.

The Data tab includes a digital shredder, password manager, and password vault in addition to allowing you to protect folders from ransomware. Finally, parental controls are accessible to parents through the Family tab. All of the primary options are listed on the dashboard of the Android app, which is significantly more user-friendly. Although features like Web Guard, Fraud Buster, and Wi-Fi Checker all require additional configuration, it’s great to see the fundamental explanations for each. The Trend Micro apps for Android and Windows are both simple to use and don’t significantly slow down devices when performing scans.

Trend Micro Antivirus: Security Features

One of the best available tools for safe banking is Pay Guard. While you shop and bank online, this special tool prevents hackers from stealing your credit card information and online accounts. It is not just a straightforward anti-keylogger. To prevent the theft of log-in credentials and even personal identifying information, Pay Guard employs additional barriers.

While every Trend Micro antivirus subscription has Pay Guard and effectively blocks malware, there are a number of cutting-edge security tools that are only available with expensive subscriptions. These offer you even greater defense against dangers besides viruses and ransomware.

Parental controls are the first tool offered with Trend Micro’s advanced programs. In addition to filtering and blocking harmful and dangerous content, these assist parents in limiting the amount of time their children spend online. Additionally, it lowers the chance of cyberbullying.For the majority of advanced subscriptions, a password manager is included. Your login information is saved by this tool, so you don’t need to worry about forgetting it. However, it also enables you to generate extremely long and challenging passwords that make it more difficult for others to guess, swipe, or use them.

Security tools for social media are another excellent addition. These keep an eye out for ads and posts on social media that contain malicious downloads and links. Additionally, even if you decide to keep your profile public, these tools prevent scammers and unwanted visitors from viewing and posting on your pages.

Trend Micro Antivirus: Performance

Malware detection by Trend is adequate. It prevented picking 99.8% of the samples from AV Comparatives, 100% of the September set from AV-TEST, and 98.4% of the October set with a single false positive. If you’re searching for new antivirus software, we advise using something that has recently been proven to be more dependable, such as Microsoft Defender.

With 42 misidentifications, Trend is regrettably consistently among the worst offenders for false positive detections of trustworthy software and websites. This has a significant negative impact on the usefulness of Trend as a successful malware defense for anxious users or those who simply don’t want to spend their time researching the safety of a suspect file or domain.

Having identified 42 benign websites and programs as false positives, Trend Micro is clearly on edge about potential threats. This is a problem because it may result in either a poor user experience or a lack of confidence in the threat assessment made by the security software.

Trend Micro Antivirus: Pricing

Trend Micro Antivirus review

Maximum Security, which covers five devices and can be purchased from the Trend Micro website, costs £29.95 and renews for £79.95. Internet Security lacks Maximum Security’s Security’s support for macOS, Chromebooks, and mobile device protection, as well as its password manager and 24/7 support. Internet Security costs £19.95 for a first year’s subscription for three Windows PCs, renewing at £49.95. Retail editions are slightly less expensive than RRP, but they cannot compete with those introductory costs. However, shopping around can help you find a better deal; just be wary of extremely low-cost keys from key vendors with a bad reputation.

Final Words

The malware defense ratings for Trend Micro are strong, but a large number of false positives in the most recent tests by AV Comparatives work against it. Avast is a free, lightweight alternative, but it doesn’t have as many features as Norton or McAfee and covers fewer devices.


Is Trend Micro antivirus good?

The protection score, usability score, and performance score are the main topics of this study. All of these tests have yielded good results for Trend Micro. This indicates that it effectively guards against actual malware while avoiding falsely labeling trustworthy websites or programs as malicious.

Which is better McAfee or Trend Micro?

Parental controls, web protection, and malware detection are all improved by McAfee. Choose McAfee if you want a complete antivirus program with superior web protection. Trend Micro is more affordable and simple to use.

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Trend Micro is great at blocking malicious websites and offers great tools for secure banking. But it lacks some of the features you'd expect from a security suite, and the tools you do get are often underwhelming. It is a paid antivirus program that offers many features, but unfortunately does not perform as desired in its core business.Trend Micro Antivirus review 2023: for your digital security needs