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iOS 17: How to Turn your iPhone Photos into Stickers

Create custom iPhone stickers from your photos to add personality to your messages and more.

If you’ve used WhatsApp or Telegram, you know just how big stickers are. Sure, emojis are fun, but they can’t compare to how unique and expressive stickers can be. Even though you can buy lots of sticker packs for iMessage, making your own has never been easy. With iOS 17: How to Turn your iPhone Photos into Stickers. You can easily make a sticker out of any photo with a clear object in the foreground, no matter what the background looks like.

Please note that iOS 17 is still being tested in beta. You can easily download and install the new OS on your iPhone to test out custom stickers and other new features, but running any beta comes with risks. We’d suggest testing it on a different device, but if that’s not possible, make sure your iPhone is fully backed up (ideally to your computer): If you want to go back to iOS 16, you’ll have to completely wipe your phone.

What Are iPhone Stickers?

Stickers are digital images that can be added to messages, photos, and videos in the Messages app on iOS and iPadOS. You can use them to show your personality and style in your writing, and you can also use them to show how you feel or react. There are a lot of different kinds of iPhone stickers, including ones from well-known brands and characters and ones that you can make yourself. Stickers can be found in the App Store or downloaded from third-party websites.

iOS 17: How to Turn your iPhone Photos into Stickers

To use stickers on an iPhone, open the Messages app and start a new conversation or choose one that is already going on. Then, tap the Stickers icon at the bottom left of the keyboard. Here, you can look through all of your stickers and tap one to add it to your message. You can also move and change the size of stickers after you’ve added them to your message. To do this, tap and hold on a sticker, then drag it where you want it to go. You can also pinch a sticker to change its size. If you know more details about this, than you can check on official website.

How to Turn your iPhone Photos into Stickers

  1. Start by opening the Messages app on your iPhone and tapping the plus sign icon to the left of the text box.
  2. Tap on the sticker icon, which is next to the clock icon on the left side of the Stickers menu.
  3. Tap “New Sticker” to use a photo to make a sticker. It will bring up a window in the Photos app where you can make a choice.
  4. After you find a photo, it will automatically find an object in the picture, and you can add a sticker by tapping the Add Sticker button in the bottom right corner.
  5. You can make it look like a comic book or give it an outline, among other things.
  6. Lastly, drag it into the text field or onto a message that is already in the chat area.

Benefits of Turning Photos into Stickers

  • Give your messages more character and style. Stickers are a fun and creative way to get your message across. Putting your own photos on stickers can make your messages more unique and personal.
  • Try new things with your pictures. When you make your photos into stickers, you can use them in a new way. You can add stickers to your photos to make them more funny, cute, or expressive.
  • You can tell stories with stickers. Stickers are a fun and interesting way to tell stories. For example, you could make a set of stickers that tell the story of your day or your last trip.
  • Use stickers to get to know people. Stickers can be a great way to meet people who like the same things you do. If you like a certain TV show or movie, for example, you could make stickers with characters from that show or movie.
  • Stickers are a great way to market your business or brand. You can make stickers with your logo or brand name if you have a business or brand. This is a great way to get more people to know about your business and brand.


How do I convert iOS live Photos to GIF?

Open your Live Photo > tap the “Live Photo” icon on the top-left corner and select “Bounce” > tap the “Share” button > choose “Save to Files” on my iPhone. Then, the original Live Photo will be converted to a looping video, resembling an animated GIF.

How do you convert a GIF to a sticker on iPhone?

After finding the GIF you want to use in GIPHY, all you have to do is tap the button that looks like a line of dots in the top-right corner of the screen. In the pop-up menu, select the option to Convert to Live Photo. You are now able to turn it into a sticker by following the standard procedure for iOS 17, which was previously described.

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