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How to Turn on Data Roaming on Android and iPhone

How to Turn on Data Roaming is when your phone connects to a network that isn’t owned by your wireless carrier so that you can keep getting calls and using data. And while this isn’t a problem when you’re traveling in your own country, it can be if you’re going abroad.

When you leave your cell phone provider’s coverage map, you will be using data roaming. If you’re so far from civilization that there’s no cell service, you might need satellite phone coverage instead. roaming can be expensive, though.

If you’re not careful, you could end up spending a lot of extra money to make phone calls or use the internet while your phone is on data roaming. We’ve put together a list of the best international cell phone plans so you don’t have to pay extra for data roaming. If you know more details about this, than you can check on official website.

How to Turn on Data Roaming on iPhone

  1. Open your iPhone’s Settings app.
  2. Scroll down and tap Cellular or Mobile Data.
  3. The Data Roaming setting can be found in the Cellular/Mobile settings. If you tap it, you can get to the settings.
  4. Turn on Data Roaming by toggling the switch next to it. When the switch is in the green position, Data Roaming is turned on.
  5. Some carriers may show a message that says using Data Roaming could cost you extra money. Before you move on, make sure you read the message carefully and understand the fees.
  6. When Data Roaming is turned on, your iPhone will be able to use cellular data while roaming internationally.

How to Enable Data Roaming on Android

  1. On a phone that isn’t a Samsung, open Settings from the app drawer.
  2. Now, go to the top of the Settings page and click on Network & Internet.
  3. Here, choose the Internet option, and then choose the SIM card whose Mobile data you want to turn on.
  4. Scroll down on the SIM page and turn on the Roaming button.
  5. If the option is grayed out, first turn on Mobile data and then turn on Roaming.

What is Data Roaming?

When you’re data roaming, your phone connects to a network other than the one you usually use. When there is no coverage in an area, and you can’t connect to your carrier, your phone can connect to other networks instead. Since most carriers’ networks cover most of the country where they are based, this usually happens when you travel abroad.

Data roaming lets your phone connect to other networks to get online when your own carrier isn’t available. You can turn off data roaming on your phone so that when your carrier isn’t working, you won’t be connected to a different network automatically.


Why can’t I get data roaming?

Here are some quick checks you can do to determine why roaming isn’t working: Make sure that your device is not on ‘Flight Mode’ or ‘Airplane mode’. Make sure that both ‘Mobile Data’ and ‘Roaming’ settings are switched on. Make sure you are connected to a network that supports mobile data usage.

What happens when you turn off roaming on your iPhone?

You can limit your data usage when abroad by turning off. You’ll then not be able to access the internet using the mobile network when abroad. You can still use Wi-Fi even though data roaming is turned off.

Why is my cellular data not working on my iPhone?

Go to Settings > Cellular and check to see if your cellular line is turned on. If your cellular line is off, turn it back on. Then check to see if you have service. If you don’t see your cellular line in Settings > Cellular, you should set up an eSIM or insert a physical SIM card.

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