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Unlock an AT&T iPhone from Web with AT&T

This guide is about the Unlock an AT&T iPhone from the Web with AT&T. I will try my best so that you understand this guide very well. I hope you all like this guide Unlock an AT&T iPhone from the Web with AT&T.

If you own an iPhone that is not part of an agreement with AT&T, you can now officially unlock the device for use on other networks. We’ve discussed this before, and our previous guide to unlocking an iPhone through AT&T focused on making a particularly direct line call, but now we’ll show you how to fully unlock an iPhone over the network using AT & T’s online technical support discussion. This method is very fast, there are no waiting times, and it is easier for international users or those who do not have an active phone line.

Requirements for unlocking iPhone with AT&T

  • Any non-contracted iPhone
  • AT&T Login – If you are not an existing AT&T customer, we have heard reports that you can create a new AT&T login, but YMMV
  • You can find the iPhone IMEI number in Settings> General> About
  • A valid email address to receive updates from AT&T
  • About 5 minutes of your time

Assuming you meet all the requirements, jump ahead and start the simple unlocking process.

Unlock an iPhone with AT&T through the ATT website

Updated with a new easier method! AT&T has provided a new, simpler way to unlock iPhone:

  1. Go here and fill out a support request through AT&T, go to this page and scroll down to find the checkbox, then click “Accept” to begin the form process
  2. Wait for AT&T to process the lock

Opening an online request form is quick and you should hear the matter within a few days.

Sometimes, however, the process is even faster. Regardless, you’ll hear back to whether the iPhone is eligible to unlock (if the requirements are met, it usually is), or if it’s not eligible, and then AT&T will tell you why. Often iPhones are rejected because they are not yet out of the contract period, so sometimes you just have to wait a little longer to unlock the device.

Once the unlock is approved, it’s just a matter of restoring iPhone through iTunes to complete the unlock. It’s a very simple process, though, as always, back up your device before restoring any kind of iOS system.

Alternative method: Request unlocking through AT&T support

The old method through AT&T support is still listed below and may work if you have a problem with the questionnaire or if there is a technical problem that prevents the above technology from working.

  1. Go to AT & T’s online accounting technical support page, log in with a valid AT&T ID, and click “Technical Support” to begin a conversation with a live representative
  2. Indicate that you want to unlock a non-contracted iPhone and enter the iPhone’s IMEI number
  3. Let an AT&T representative verify that the iPhone is indeed without a contract and provide them with an email address when prompted

If all goes well, your AT&T representative will give you the case number and estimated completion date for resolution. The date they provide is a rough estimate and is by no means the date you will receive an email from AT&T. Sometimes AT&T sends unlock emails within an hour, but it can take up to 10 days, the time varying greatly depending on the number of unlock requests. I have completed this process several times in several different iPhone models, and it has worked every time, even if the time between requests and valmistumisten has varied.

Unlock iPhone from AT&T via online call

A few possible situations can make it more difficult to simply unlock:

  • Did you buy a used iPhone or through a service other than AT&T or Apple? You may need to provide a purchase receipt
  • Is the iPhone still in contract with another AT&T customer? You may have to wait until those customers’ iPhone contract expires
  • Do you have an outstanding balance on your AT&T account? You have to pay for it before AT&T unlocks the iPhone

Once you’ve received AT & T’s unlock instructions, they’ll basically tell you to unlock your iPhone to unlock it. Before doing this, back it up so you can go back to where you were, and you know that unlocking worked, because after restoring, you’ll get a Congratulations, iPhone is locked message in iTunes.

Benefits: Unlock an AT&T iPhone from the Web with AT&T

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FAQ: Unlock an AT&T iPhone from the Web with AT&T

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In this guide, I told you about the Unlock an AT&T iPhone from the Web with AT&T.
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In this guide, I discuss about the Unlock an AT&T iPhone from the Web with AT&T, which is very helpful.
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Apple Devices only.
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mac OS or iOS
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Final note: Unlock an AT&T iPhone from the Web with AT&T

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