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How to Unlock the Disney Speedstorm Golden Pass

In Disney Speedstorm, you will need Golden Pass credits to play the exciting new racing game once you start. It’s a key part of getting to the next level and getting closer to the next big upgrade or purchase. In this guide, we will explain everything you need to know about Disney Speedstorm’s Golden Pass credits. That includes How to Unlock the Disney Speedstorm Golden Pass and how you can only use it in a few ways. If you get for help, than you can visit official website.

What is the Golden Pass?

The Golden Pass in Disney Speedstorm is a lot like a battle pass. By completing season goals, getting XP, and moving up in rank, you can unlock free and paid in-game rewards for each Golden Pass tier. There are parts for karts, Racer Shards, and clothes for characters.

To get premium Golden Pass rewards, you need Credits. You can earn these by completing goals or you can buy them with real-world money. Lucky for you, all three tiers of the Founders Pack come with free Golden Pass Credits, which will help you get to every reward faster.

How to Unlock the Disney Speedstorm Golden Pass

  1. Start up Disney Speedstorm.
  2. Access to the Golden Pass is not available immediately.
  3. Get through the Starter Circuit races to unlock the Golden Pass.
  4. In Chapter One called Meet Mickey Mouse, unlock the Golden Pass.
  5. Complete the fifth race in this chapter on the Bridgeway track.
  6. Rewards will be given and the chapter will continue.
  7. One of the rewards is the ability to claim the Golden Pass feature.
  8. Browse the various Golden Pass levels and rewards after unlocking it.
  9. The first season called Unafraid is available for the next 48 days.
  10. Season Unafraid offers exclusive and free rewards.
  11. Choose Early Access to purchase instead of waiting for the free-to-play full release.
  12. Get the premium Golden Pass for free by purchasing in Early Access.

What does this Pass include in Disney Speedstorm?

  • Race Flags to help your characters level up.
  • “What a scheme. “Simple yet” is Mike Wazowski’s motto.
  • Monsters, Inc. racers like Sulley and Mike can level up by using Scream Cannisters.
  • You can spend Season Coins in the shop.
  • Mike Wazowski can be used in a game.
  • As an avatar, a child’s sock. If you’ve seen Monsters, Inc., you know that this piece of clothing is causing a big problem. 23/19!
  • Alarm Clocks can be used to level up Mickey & Friends Collection racers.
  • Comedy Your cars should be gold.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean racers can use Ships in Bottles to help them level up.
  • Evening Gloves for the Beauty and the Beast Collection of racers.
  • Meg’s race suit is an Olympus Ascent.


Why is Disney Speedstorm not free?

Yes, Disney Speedstorm is a free-to-play game. You do not need to pay to play the game when it fully releases. However, during its early access period, the game must be bought to be accessed in one of its three Founder’s Pack bundles.

Why isn t Disney Speedstorm free?

At launch, Disney Speedstorm will not be free. This impending release is classed as the beginning of the early access period, which is then set to become a full release down the line. If you want access to the game at this very initial period, you’ll have to pay.

Is Disney Speedstorm worth it?

Disney Speedstorm is ranked in the 34th percentile of games scored on OpenCritic. Disney Speedstorm is a fundamentally good kart racer currently buried beneath so much gacha garbage and so many currencies that it almost seems like a parody of the entire free-to-play genre.

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