How to Unsend Email in Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is one of the email services that people use the most. But Outlook does more than just let you check your email. It also works as a web app manager that coordinates and integrates with other Microsoft Office apps like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel for use at work or at home. This article is about How to Unsend Email in Outlook.

Outlook makes it easy to send and receive emails, organize contact lists, and use the calendar to set up meetings and other events. Also, Microsoft Outlook does not share the information it gathers to make its different apps work together.

How to Unsend Emails in Outlook Web Client

Unsend Email in Outlook

To unsend emails in the Microsoft Outlook web client, you must first enable the “Undo send” feature. Open Outlook in your web browser, sign in to your email account, and follow the steps below.

Enable Outlook Undo Send Feature in Windows

  • Choose Settings by clicking on the three dots next to your profile picture.
  • Select At the bottom of the quick settings menu, you can see all of Outlook’s settings.
  • Select Email from the sidebar, click on the Compose and reply tab, and scroll down to the “Undo send” section. Move the slider to choose the number of seconds you want (up to 10), then click Save.

Close the settings menu and send a test email to see if the unsend feature works. When you send an email by clicking the Send button, a “Sending” message appears in the bottom-left corner. Choose “Undo” to stop sending the email.

Remember that you have ten seconds to cancel the email before it goes out. So, quickly click the Undo button before the pop-up goes away.

Enable Outlook Undo Send Feature on Mac

In Outlook for macOS, you have up to 20 seconds to change your mind about sending an email. Here’s how to set up “Undo Send” on your MacBook for Outlook.

  • Open Outlook, click Outlook on the menu bar, and then click Preferences.
  • In the “Email” section, choose “Writing.”
  • By clicking on the plus sign, you can set the “Undo Send” time to your liking.
  • To stop an email from going out, click Undo on the “Sending…” pop-up window within 20 seconds.

If you missed the chance to not send the message, you can use the Outlook desktop app to get the email back from the recipient’s inbox.

How to Unsend or Recall Emails in the Outlook Desktop App

Outlook for Windows has a feature called “Recall” that lets you get an email back and change it for up to 120 minutes after you send it. When you change your mind about sending an email, Microsoft deletes it from the recipient’s inbox and stops it from being sent. To get Outlook to remember an email, you must:

  • Use a Microsoft 365 account or an account on
  • You both need to be on the same Microsoft 365 or Microsoft Exchange server.
  • Be part of the same group as the recipient.
  • Open the recall request in Outlook on their computer.

Also, the recipient’s email account can not have any rules that forward, change, or send emails to a different address. You can not unsend or recall emails that you sent to addresses on email clients like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, etc.

One more thing: if your email account uses the Post Office Protocol (POP) or the Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI), you can not unsend emails in Outlook. Follow the steps below to find messages in your Outlook outbox that were sent to the wrong person.

  • Open the Outlook app, click the Sent Items folder, and double-click the email you want to remember. Outlook will open a new window for the email.
  • Choose File from the menu.
  • Choose Info from the sidebar, scroll down until you see “Message Resend and Recall,” and then click the drop-down menu next to Resend or Recall.
  • Choose Remember This Message.
    • You can also open the email, click Actions on the ribbon bar, and then click Recall this Message.
  • Click “Delete unread copies of this message” and “OK” to get the email back. We suggest checking the box that says “Tell me if recall works or fails for each recipient” so that you know if the recall works or not (or not).


Is there a way to Unsend an email in Outlook?

Choose the message or double-click it to open it in a new window. Click on File, then Info. Select Message Resend and Recall > Recall This Message… and choose one of the two options. By clicking “Delete unread copies of this message,” you can remember the message you sent.

Can you Unsend an email after an hour?

No, you can not take back an email you sent through Gmail a day after you sent it. Once 30 seconds have passed, you can not use the Undo Send feature anymore.

Does deleting a sent email Unsend it?

No, deleting an email does not unsend it. When you delete an email, it is taken out of your inbox but stays in the inbox of the person you sent it to. The person who gets it can still read it, copy it, print it, or send it to someone else. When you delete an email, it goes to your email program’s Trash folder.

How do I Unsend an email in Outlook for Mac?

You can also add a delay to all emails to give yourself more time to change your mind and not send them. If you change your mind about sending an email, you can click Undo Send at the bottom of the sidebar or choose Edit > Undo in the Mail app on your Mac.

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