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How to Update Directx in Windows 11/10

DirectX is a set of APIs that let an application access the hardware of the system and give the user the option to set these up for the best performance. Users have been looking for ways how to Update Directx in Windows 11/10 because it is important.

DirectX 12 is the most recent version and gives the best performance. If you want to turn on DirectX 12 Ultimate, we have a separate article about that. Some of the versions that came before DirectX 11 are DirectX 9, 10, 11, 11.1, 11.2, and others.

So, if you were wondering how to get DirectX 12 on your computer, now you know. Just read the next few sections, and by the time you’re done, DirectX 12 should be downloaded on your Windows 11 computer. Below we will mentioned some steps how to Update Directx in Windows

How to Check Your Current DirectX Version

  • Start your Windows computer.
  • Type Dxdiag” into the search box and hit “Enter.”
  • Look in the “System Information” window for “DirectX Version.”

DirectX 12 is the name of the generation, and the exact version is listed below it. The same steps are used for both Windows 8 and Windows 7 to check your version of DirectX.

How to Download and Update DirectX 12

  1. Right-click on the DirectX installer in your “Downloads” folder.
  2. Right-click it and choose “Run as administrator.”
  3. Give the permissions that are needed and start the install.
  4. After installation, you will need to restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

What is DirectX?

DirectX is a set of application programming interfaces (API) that give low-level access to hardware components like video cards, sound cards, and memory. If that seems too hard to understand, let’s break it down. DirectX makes it possible for games and video cards to “talk” to each other. In the days of DOS, games had direct access to the video card and motherboard, and you could change settings by directly editing the configuration file.

But as a security measure, Microsoft limited access to low-level hardware in Windows 95. That meant that games couldn’t use low-level hardware features anymore, which was a problem. So, Microsoft made DirectX to make it easier for games to talk to video cards. Think of DirectX as a middleman who makes it easier for games and video cards to talk to each other.

When Do You Need To Reinstall DirectX on Your Computer?

Usually, this means that your PC stays up to date with any new drivers, giving you the best graphic performance on your hardware. But there are times when things can go wrong. Maybe something went wrong with the DirectX installation. No matter why, if your computer is having trouble with graphics (like running video games), the first thing you should try is to reinstall DirectX.


What is the latest version of DirectX for Windows 11?

What is DirectX 12 Ultimate? DirectX 12 Ultimate is the newest version of DirectX. DirectX 12 Ultimate is the exclusive software component of Windows 11. It takes games to a new level and provides a new standard for the next generation of games.

Can you install DirectX on Windows 11?

Usually, DirectX is preinstalled on Windows PCs by default. Microsoft has released the latest version of DirectX 12 ultimate and Windows 11/10 comes with it by default. Sometimes, however, many apps and programs still require the older version of DirectX like DirectX 9 and 11.

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