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How to Use Apple Maps Guides on iPhone and Android

With Apple Maps guides, you can easily plan your trip and make the most of your time at your destination.

When it comes to GPS navigation, Apple Maps has made a lot of progress in this area. And over the last few years, the app has added many useful and necessary features. Of course, if you use iOS or macOS, you already know about and are probably used to Apple Maps. Is it possible to still use Apple Maps if you recently switched to an Android device or if you have an Android phone with you? In this article we will discuss about the how to Use Apple Maps Guides on iPhone and Android.

Yes, this question has been asked a lot by people who want to use Apple Maps on their Android phones or tablets. Furthermore, we all know that native Apple apps can only be used on Apple products, so the answer is usually “NO.” What if we told you there was a way to use it on your Android phone or tablet?

Why Use Apple Maps Guides?

  • Find new places. The people who make Apple Maps guides really know the area, so they can help you find new places you might not have found otherwise.
  • Find out more about a spot. Apple Maps guides can tell you about the history, culture, and attractions of a place. They can also tell you what to avoid and how to get around.
  • Do not waste time. You can save time by planning your trip ahead of time with Apple Maps guides. It shows you what to see and do, as well as the best routes to take to get from one spot to another.
  • Get suggestions that are just right for you. You can make Apple Maps guides fit your interests. For instance, if you’re interested in food, you can find guides that list the best restaurants in a certain city.
Turn-by-turn navigationGet directions for driving, walking, biking, and public transportation.
Live traffic updatesSee real-time traffic conditions and avoid delays.
FlyoverGet a bird’s-eye view of a location.
Indoor mapsExplore indoor locations like airports, shopping malls, and museums.
Street viewSee a panoramic view of a location.
Look AroundSee a high-resolution 3D view of a location.
Transit mapsSee public transportation routes and schedules.
Live transit updatesSee real-time transit information, such as arrival times and delays.
CarPlay supportGet turn-by-turn navigation and other Apple Maps features on your car’s display.
Siri integrationAsk Siri for directions, estimated travel times, and other information about locations.
GuidesDiscover new places and explore popular destinations with curated guides.
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How to Use Apple Maps Guides on iPhone and Android

  • Start up Apple Maps.
  • Click on Guide.
  • Look through or look for a guide.
  • To open a guide, tap it.
  • To learn more about the place or the subject, follow the steps in the guide.

Tips and Tricks for Using Apple Maps Guides

  • Filters will help you find the right guide. There are different kinds of Apple Maps guides, like “Food & Drink,” “Things to do,” and “Nature.” You can also sort guides by location or subject.
How to Use Apple Maps Guides on iPhone and Android
  • Get guides to use when you’re not online. If you are traveling to a place with slow internet, this is a great option. To save a guide to use later, tap the three dots in the upper right corner of the guide and choose “Download.”
  • You can follow guides whenever you want. Once you start following a guide, Apple Maps will show you the way and interesting places to stop along the way. You can stop the guide at any time, though, and look around on your own.
  • Get around with the map. The Apple Maps guide will show you on the map how to get to your next spot. Another way to learn more about something on the map is to tap on it.
  • Give guides to family and friends. You can tell your family and friends about a great guide if you find one. There are three dots in the upper right corner of a guide. Tap them and choose “Share.”


Is there a way to use Apple Maps on Android?

You can search for a place on DuckDuckGo on any mobile browser. Next, go to the top and click on Maps to get to Apple Maps. To see where you are on Apple Maps, click on “Open Map.” On the next page, click on “Directions” to see a route planned out for you.

Is there a GPS app between iPhone and Android?

The app Google Maps is a great way to share where you are from an Android device to an iPhone. With this dynamic app, you can share locations for as long as you want, and it easily handles problems with compatibility.

Why is Google Maps better on iPhone than Android?

There isn’t a major problem with either app that makes it much better or worse than the other. Don’t get it wrong, though—these are not the same apps. The Apple (AAPL) iOS version sends the navigation data quickly and correctly. The experience is just easier to understand from the very first screen.

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