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How to Use Bixby Text Call on Samsung Phone

How to Use Bixby Text Call on Samsung Phone- Samsung has added a new call feature to Galaxy devices called Bixby Text Call that lets you “answer calls automatically and find out why the person is calling.” Google hasn’t yet added Call Screening to the rest of the best Android phones like they did with Magic Eraser.

But that hasn’t stopped Samsung from making a feature called Bixby Text Call that works the same way. This feature came out at the same time as One UI 5.1 and the Galaxy S23 line of phones. If you turn it on, you can let Bixby do the hard work when a call comes in. This feature is even better because you can reply by text and have Bixby read the message to the person on the other end.

How to Use Bixby Text Call on Samsung Phone

  1. Call comes in: Bixby’s text call option appears on screen.
  2. Tap and holdicon for text call, then drag it to move.
  3. Bixby answers call and talks to caller.
  4. Responses displayed in Korean.
  5. Choose quick answer or write own.

What is Bixby Text Call Feature?

How to Use Bixby Text Call on Samsung Phone

The Bixby Text Call feature was first announced when One UI 5.0 came out, and it was added to Samsung’s Android 13 skin, One UI 5.1, which came out with the Samsung Galaxy S23 phones. With Samsung Bixby Text Call, you can answer calls without having to talk.

Before you answer the phone, you can find out who is calling and why. When you use Bixby Text Call to answer the phone, Bixby picks up, tells the other person you’re using Bixby voice assistant, and asks why they’re calling. You can then send a text message to the caller and have Bixby talk for you.

At first, this feature only worked in Korean, but now it also works in English. At the moment, this feature only works in those languages. This means that if someone calls you and isn’t speaking English or Korean, Bixby won’t know what language they are speaking and will try to translate it into the language you chose. You can use this feature on any call that comes in, even if you’re busy.

Where is Bixby Text Call available?

It looks like One UI 5 is adding options for Bixby Text Call for Galaxy phones like the Galaxy S22 in different regions. These options recently showed up online. Since it was first announced at the One UI 5 launch event in October, it seems that the feature only works for people who speak Korean.

If you don’t speak or understand Korean, you won’t be able to use the call screening feature because it only works in that language.

Samsung, on the other hand, has said that Text Call will be available in English.” There are no more details than that. We don’t know how early next year an English version of the feature will come out, since it’s just starting to roll out for the Korean language.


Can Bixby voice text?

I’m using Bixby Text Call to convert your voice into text and respond to you. If you want to continue, say who you are and why you’re calling.” From then on, Bixby transcribes whatever the caller says into text and also recites the recipient’s texts on the other end.

Is Bixby text call any good?

Bixby Text Call is not appropriate to use when calling your friends, colleagues, family members, or anyone you know personally, but it’s an excellent tool to deal with spam calls. See, when we said most people hang up the call when they hear a synthesized voice, that includes spammers too.

What is the point of Bixby text call?

If you’re too busy to talk when someone calls, Bixby can answer the call for you! With the Bixby text call feature on your Galaxy phone, your incoming calls will be answered by Bixby’s automated voice. Simply start typing with the keyboard or select a quick response, and Bixby will read your messages to the caller.

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