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Starfield: How to Use Boostpacks

Master Starfield boostpack controls and tips to get the most out of this versatile tool.

Exploration of the vast number of Star Systems and thousands of planets that make up Bethesda’s newest universe is the primary objective of Starfield. There are a variety of mechanics, Use Boostpacks in Starfield, that work together to make your journey more convenient and your progression more effective.

In Starfield, jetpacks are not automatically given to you, despite the fact that they are fundamental to the game. You can receive them as a reward for completing a quest, and over time, you will be able to significantly improve them by progressing through the skill tree. Following our discussion on the significance of these items, we will now go over how to acquire the Boost Pack in Starfield as well as how to make use of it.

What Are Boostpacks in Starfield?

In Starfield, Boostpacks are a type of wearable tech that lets players fly short distances and jump high. As you explore the many and varied planets of the Settled Systems and fight space pirates and other hostile forces, you will need these tools. Users can carry boostpacks in their backpacks and use them by pressing a button. When the boostpack is turned on, it sends out a jet of thrust that moves the player forward or upward. The left analog stick can be used to change the direction of the thrust.

There is a limited amount of fuel in boostpacks, and it runs out every time they are used. The fuel gauge is shown on the screen, and when the boostpack is not in use, it will slowly fill up again over time. Boostpacks can be upgraded to make them work better. Players can improve the boostpack’s thrust power, fuel capacity, and rate of recharge, for instance.

How to Use Boostpacks in Starfield

  1. Unlock the Boost Pack Training skill
  2. Equip a Pack with a Basic Boosterpack
  3. Jump in the Air
  4. Press the Jump button again

You are able to equip Packs with a Basic Boosterpack; however, unless you have achieved Rank 1 of the Boost Pack Training skill, you will not be able to use it. This step is difficult to understand because the game does not make it clear that you need a certain skill in order to use a Booster Pack that you already have equipped.

Starfield: How to Use Boostpacks

After achieving Rank 1, you will be able to use the Booster Pack, and achieving Ranks 2, 3, and 4 will reduce the amount of fuel you use while also increasing the rate at which it is refilled. It is highly recommended that at least one Skill Point be invested in Boost Pack Training due to the many beneficial applications of the Booster Pack, especially while engaged in combat.

Benefits of Using Boostpacks

  • Increased mobility: Boostpacks allow players to move around more quickly and easily, especially in low-gravity environments. This can be helpful for exploring planets, completing quests, and engaging in combat.
  • Improved verticality: Boostpacks also allow players to reach higher places, which can be helpful for exploring planets, finding hidden items, and gaining an advantage in combat.
  • Enhanced combat capabilities: Boostpacks can be used to perform evasive maneuvers, dodge enemy attacks, and quickly close the distance on enemies. This can give players a significant advantage in combat.
  • Added fun factor: Boostpacks can simply add to the fun of exploring and playing Starfield. They can make players feel more powerful and in control of their character.

Tips and Tricks for Efficient Boostpack Usage

Be careful not to hit walls or other things with your boostpack. Even though boostpacks can make you very fast, they also make it hard to direct your character. Watch out not to boostpack into walls or other things that might get in the way. This could hurt your character and waste fuel.

You can get an edge in battle by using boost packs. You can avoid enemy attacks, get closer to enemies, and attack from above with boostpacks. Another example is that you can use a boostpack to avoid a space pirate’s rocket attack or to get closer to an enemy and attack them with a powerful melee attack.

Try out different boostpack upgrades to find the one that works best for the way you play. Boostpacks can be upgraded to make them work better. You can improve the boostpack’s thrust power, fuel capacity, and rate of recharge, for instance. Try out different boostpack upgrades to find the one that works best for the way you play.

How to Purchase Starfield game?

This Video Game is Available for Purchase on


How do you get boost Starfield?

When you finish early main quests, you get the Constellation Pack, which works like a basic boost pack. A lot of packs with the basic boost pack ability were also easy to find by looting space pirates and other bad guys right away.

Can you fly in atmosphere Starfield?

This argument keeps coming up, but Bethesda has already said how you can land on a planet and move between systems. What matters is how the game is shown. You can only manually steer your ship in orbital space in a star system.24-Mar-2023

Why does Starfield have 1000 planets?

We could have made a game with four planets and four cities. But that wouldn’t make me feel like an explorer in the same way.” Starfield has promised that there will be 1,000 planets that can be searched, and about 10% of them will have life as well as quests and useful materials.

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