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How to Use Keyboard and Mouse on Xbox One

Use Keyboard and Mouse on Xbox One: Xbox One games are made to be played with an Xbox One controller by default. But even though both the standard Xbox One controller and the Xbox One Elite controller are well-made, some games are easier to play with a mouse and keyboard. The keyboard and mouse can sometimes be used as real controllers for the Xbox One, which is great.

Some games on the Xbox One do let you use a keyboard and mouse, but it’s not the case with most of them. More importantly, games like “Call of Duty” and “Overwatch” will permanently ban you if you use a mouse and keyboard during multiplayer modes.

How to Use Keyboard and Mouse on Xbox One

The XIM Apex is a product that allows your Xbox One to interpret the keyboard and mouse signal into something it can use. There are two steps to get it set up.

  1. Visit on your PC to download the firmware tool and Apex manager apps for Windows.
  2. Open the firmware tool.
  3. Press the button the XIM Apex and insert it into your PC’s USB port.
  4. Release the button when the lights on the Apex turn blue.
  5. Click update firmware to flash the latest version to your Apex.

You can customize your experience with the Apex Manager app, which is also available for Android and iOS. As a warning, it can sometimes be hard to connect. Keep an eye on the XIM forums to make sure you have the most up-to-date version.

  1. Connect the Apex dongle to a free USB port on your Xbox One.
  2. Connect the Apex hub to the Apex dongle.
  3. Connect your keyboard and mouse to the Apex hub.
  4. Connect your Xbox One controller to the Apex hub with a micro USB cable
  5. Once the Apex is connected successfully the lights will flash green.

What Is Xbox One?

The Xbox One is the next video game console from Microsoft after the original Xbox and the Xbox 360. It came out in Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Spain, the UK, and the USA on November 22, 2013. At the end of 2020, Microsoft officially stopped making Xbox Ones.

How Much Do Xbox Consoles Cost?

The Xbox One S costs $300, while the Xbox One X, which is more powerful, costs $500. The All-Digital Xbox One S costs $250 and doesn’t have a disc drive. The original Xbox One is a lot older now, so it’s not worth thinking about.

But you probably won’t be able to find an Xbox One at these prices now. Microsoft stopped making all Xbox One consoles, like the Xbox One X and Xbox One S, in January 2022. This means that the best place to buy this console is now on the used market, where prices can be all over the place.

The new Xbox Series X and Series S have the same prices as the Xbox One line. The Series X costs $500, and the Series S costs $300. So, it doesn’t make sense to pay full price for an Xbox One when the same price gets you a newer, better console.


How to use a keyboard and mouse on Xbox One without adapter?

Yes, you can directly connect a wired USB keyboard and mouse to the Xbox One console without the need for an adapter. Simply plug them into the available USB ports, and the Xbox One will recognize and allow you to use them.

How do I use my keyboard and mouse on my Xbox console?

Connecting a mouse and keyboard to your Xbox is simple. All you need to do is plug your keyboard or mouse into a spare USB port on the Xbox Series X/S and you’re up and running. You’ve got three ports to choose from: two around the back of the console and one on the front. It makes no difference which ones you use.

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