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How to Use Magic Compose in Google Messages

At Google I/O 2023, How to Use Magic Compose in Google Messages feature for the Messages app. This week, Google started sending out beta invites for the feature. Even if you find the feature interesting, you should know that if you turn on Magic Compose, some of your texts will be sent to Google’s servers.

For some Android users, that will be a deal-breaker. According to Google’s support page, Magic Compose seems to only work in the Messages app for RCS conversations. If the feature is available for your account, you need to turn it on from the app’s Settings menu. Then, you can use Magic Compose’s suggestions to start a chat or rewrite your message in different tones and styles by tapping the pencil icon next to your typed text.

How to Use Magic Compose in Google Messages

How to Use Magic Compose in Google Messages
  1. Open the app called “Google Messages.”
  2. Touch the button that looks like a bubble with a star in one corner.
  3. Tap the Try it button when asked.
  4. Choose one of the prompts that come up.
  5. If you choose a response and then change your mind, you can tap the Rewrite suggestions button (magic wand).

What is Magic Compose and how do I use it?

Magic Compose was introduced at Google I/O 2023. It uses the company’s Bard large language model to come up with responses to an RCS text chain that are more than just single words. During the event, this feature was one of many that were talked about to show how the company is working on generative AI applications.

According to an official tutorial video on a Google Messages help page, users first tap on a speech bubble icon (officially called “Message suggestions”) in the text field. This brings up a list of fairly generic replies to choose from. When you choose one, the icon changes into a pencil with a star on top (“Rewrite suggestions”). When you tap that icon, a list of expanded prompts comes up. These prompts may have more punctuation or even emoji.


Can you theme Google messages?

Google messages uses the material you coloring based on your wallpaper. Changing your wallpaper will give different color themes in the Wallpaper settings. Google Messages does not have a color changing feature.

Is Google Messages only SMS?

You can send and receive text (SMS) and multimedia (MMS) messages through the Messages app . Messages are considered texts and don’t count toward your data usage. Your data usage is also free when you turn on chat features.

Can you change Google Messages color?

Navigate to Settings > Accessibility > Text and display then apply Color Correction. Alternatively, you can apply Color inversion from the same menu for a device-wide color flip. There are third party apps which can allow greater manual control of changing text bubble color.

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