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How to Use the Samsung Galaxy Enhance-X app

Bring out the best in your photos with Samsung Galaxy Enhance-X.

If you want to know How to Use the Samsung Galaxy Enhance-X app. We mostly use my phone for photography, so we always looking for the best photo editing apps. Since we don’t like Photoshop, we have been a fan of simple apps like Lightroom and Pixelmator for a long time. We finally decided on Snapseed, which has so many tools that we can’t live without it.

But even Snapseed seems like too much when all we want to do is touch up or fix a few small problems. This is where the new Galaxy Enhance-X app from Samsung comes in. Since its official launch last year, the Galaxy Enhance-X app hasn’t been used for almost a year, but it’s back now. It is a powerful image upscaler and editor that can help you fix different parts of an image and “enhance” it with the help of AI tools.

The best thing about this special editor is that it lets you fix or improve any image by making all the necessary changes with a single click.With the Galaxy Enhance-X app, you can change pictures you’ve taken or found online. With the Galaxy Enhance-X app, you can change photos that you took yourself or that you got from the Internet.

What is the Samsung Galaxy Enhance-X app

Samsung Galaxy Enhance-X is a photo editor app that corrects and refines photos on compatible Samsung devices. The app simplifies photo editing and allows users to correct images with just a few taps without advanced expertise. Launched in mid-2022, the app uses the smarts of AI to analyze photo flaws and apply corrections accordingly. It can focus on blurry photos, adjust brightness, and even add HDR effects that bring out vibrant colors and details.

How to Use the Samsung Galaxy Enhance-X app

  1. Use the Galaxy Store to get the Galaxy Enhance-X app.
  2. Allow access to the Gallery app once it’s been installed.
  3. Choose the photo you want to change, and the Enhance-X app will figure out what’s wrong with it and give you some suggestions for how to fix it.
  4. You can try out the magic functions, HDR, blur correction, reflection removal, shadow removal, and other tools. Choose any editing tool and one tap will improve your picture.
  5. Review your changes, and when you’re done, tap Save.
  6. Also, the Galaxy Enhance-X app saves both your old photos and the ones that have been improved.

Where can I get the Galaxy Enhance-X app?

The Galaxy Enhance-X app is available for download from the Galaxy Store for compatible Samsung devices only. The app is currently compatible with a variety of flagship models. This includes

  • z flip 4
  • z fold 3
  • z flip 3
  • z fold 2
  • z flip 5g
  • Z Flip LTE

What Can You Do With the Galaxy Enhance-X App?

  • HDR looks at an image’s highlights, shadows, brightness, and contrast levels and adjusts the image based on the scene to make it look better overall.
How to Use the Samsung Galaxy Enhance-X app
  • Brighten: As you might guess from the name, Brighten makes an image brighter. If a picture is too dark, you can use this tool to make it brighter, and the same is true if the picture is too bright.
  • Fix blur: Its job is to clear up an image that is blurry and make everything look better. But right now, it’s not working very well.
  • Sharpen lets you add grain to an image to make it look sharper if it looks too soft.
  • Fix moiré: If you used an old camera or downloaded an image from the internet, it may have moiré, which is a strange pattern of lines or dots. Fix Moiré is a tool that can help you fix these images right away.

User Interface: Enhance-X app

The Galaxy Enhance-X app has a user interface that is easy to understand. When you open the app, you’ll see a main screen with three tabs: Enhance, Fix, and Portrait. The Enhance tab lets you improve the quality of your photos as a whole. You can change the brightness, contrast, and saturation of your photos by clicking on this tab. You can also remove noise and sharpen your photos with this tab.

Under the “Fix” tab, you can fix problems with your photos. You can get rid of blur, fix lens distortion, and get rid of moiré by using this tab. On the Portrait tab, you can change how portraits look. You can change the skin tone, eye brightness, and blur of your portraits with this tab. Each tab has different tools you can use to improve your photos. Just tap on a feature to use it. The feature will then be added to your photo by the app.


What is the Galaxy enhance-X photo editing app?

The Galaxy Enhance-X app is an all-in-one AI tool for improving all kinds of media. With a single tap, your image is checked for flaws, fixed, and improved to make it better. A user can use AI-based techniques to both fix and improve the images in the gallery.

What does enhance do on photos?

Enhance gives you a set of tools, like Denoise, Raw Details, and Super Resolution, that you can use with Camera Raw to improve the quality of your photos. Watch this video to learn how to use Lightroom Classic’s new AI Denoise feature. This video won’t play in your browser.

Is photo enhancer app free?

The best free app to improve photos is Fotor. With the help of AI technology, it’s easier and faster to fix blurry photos without sacrificing quality. Also, you can easily and quickly change the color saturation.

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