Use Siri as Calculator

Use Siri as Calculator

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Don’t want to unlock iPhone and launch Calculator? Did you think the iPad doesn’t even have a default counter? Not a big deal, as the Siri can function as a normal old calculator, and has the obvious added benefit of a hands-free feature. If you want Siri to calculate the equations for you, just enter the Siri numbers and thanks to the Wolfram Alpha support page, Siri will quickly spit the answer in the number bar.

The simplest Siri calculation formats can be used as follows:

  • Number + number
  • Number / number
  • Number X number
  • Number – number

Try saying the equation aloud to Siri just as you read it. The results vary slightly based on the given equation:

Addition and subtraction, Siri returns an easy-to-follow row of numbers that shows the movements for the sum.

Multiplication of the large numbers, Siri returns an answer in addition to the number line that shows possible exponents.

Division, Siri gives the answer, subtracts the fraction, gives the number as a decimal, and even shows the mixed fraction.

You can denote several numbers together and make fairly complex equations, which Siri usually has correctly. In some particularly complex equations, you will find that Siri may not follow the proper order of functions, so you should avoid using Siri as a calculator for complex algebra and computational homework.

We recently discussed a similar theme that discussed how Siri can act as a hint calculator, but how useful general calculation functions are, it is worth mentioning here the broader potential uses.

This tip comes to us from Jason R, who uses Siri to add receipts for expense reports, thanks for the idea J!

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