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How To Use Voice Control For ChatGPT

Voice Control for ChatGPT lets you talk to How To Use Voice Control For ChatGPT. By adding a recording button, it lets you record your voice queries and send them to ChatGPT instead of typing them. The AI’s answers are then read out loud, which makes for a smooth, audible conversation. This makes it easy to talk to a smart conversation partner and learn more about what advanced AI can do.

Unfortunately, typing out everything you want ChatGPT to do over and over again can be annoying. So, to save you from having to type out long ChatGPT prompts, we’ve come up with three ways you can use your voice to control ChatGPT.

How To Use Voice Control For ChatGPT

  1. Make sure your device has a working microphone, whether it’s built-in or an external one.
  2. To use your voice, click the microphone icon in the chat window.
  3. You can start a conversation with the AI chatbot by saying “Hey ChatGPT” or “Okay ChatGPT.”
  4. Say your question or request in a clear, short way, like “What is the capital of France?” or “Tell me a joke.”
  5. If you use the Chrome extension or Python code method, ChatGPT will send you a text message that you can listen to as an audio file.
  6. Continue the conversation by speaking your next command or question. When you’re done, click the microphone icon to turn off voice control.

How to Voice Chat With ChatGPT on Android

Enable Voice Typing on your Mobile Keyboard

  1. First, make sure that Gboard is the default keyboard on your computer. If not, you can change it in the Settings menu.
  2. Now, open a browser of your choice and go to the ChatGPT page.
  3. Tap on the prompt box. When the Gboard comes up, click on the voice option.
  4. If it asks for any permissions, give them, and ChatGPT is now ready to use voice commands.
  5. Say your question out loud and then tap the send button.

Use Tasker to Initiate Voice Chat with ChatGPT

  1. First of all, visit and log in using your Google account.
  2. Click on “Create new Secret Key“.
  3. Next, provide a name for your secret key and hit the “Create secret key” button. Once your OpenAI secret key is generated, copy-paste it to your notes for later use.
  4. Similarly, visit and signup for ElevenLabs.
  5. Now, click on your profile icon and select Profile.
  6. Click on the show button to showcase your API key. You can again copy and paste it to your Notes.

What Are the Features of Voice Control For Chat GPT?

  • Voice input and voice control can be used in more than one language.
  • The ability to hear responses from artificial intelligence in a natural voice
  • You can change the text-to-speech voice of ChatGPT to suit your tastes.
  • You can choose to have the vice read the inputs out loud or turn it off.
  • Answers and conversions in real time that you can speak into
  • Voice typing, voice chat, and voice interface integration work well together.
  • Edit message-sending options

Why use voice control for ChatGPT

  • Made it easier to get to: Voice control makes this AI chatbot easier to use for people who can’t use a keyboard because they can talk to it instead.
  • Enhanced engagement: Using voice control in ChatGPT can make conversations feel more natural and interesting because users can change the tone of their voices, show how they feel, and imitate accents.
  • Better learning results: Voice control lets people practice their speaking and listening skills in different languages. ChatGPT can respond to spoken questions with interesting new facts, ideas, and opinions.


Can you use voice commands with ChatGPT?

Ask questions and hear responses from ChatGPT with a natural voice. Use customizable voice commands to send messages and more. Perfect for users tired of typing out queries and responses to the AI. Plus, you can also use this read-aloud feature to hear the AI’s responses read back to you in a clear and natural voice.May 22, 2023

Why does my voice control not work?

If you have trouble starting Voice Access on the lock screen, try the following steps: In the Google app, go to Settings. Voice, then turn on Unlock with Voice Match or Trusted voice. This setting lets you use “Ok Google” to turn on Voice Access from the lock screen.

How does voice control system work?

Voice recognition systems analyze speech through one of two models: the hidden Markov model and neural networks. The hidden Markov model breaks down spoken words into their phonemes, while recurrent neural networks use the output from previous steps to influence the input to the current step.

Why can’t I use voice typing?

“No permission to enable: Voice typing” is an error message that can pop up while using your Android keyboard. Typically, it appears when you tap the microphone symbol but don’t have the necessary permissions enabled. Essentially, Android is blocking the keyboard from accessing the microphone.

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