ArticleReviewsVictrix Gambit review (2023) ultimate controller for winning

Victrix Gambit review (2023) ultimate controller for winning

The Victrix Gambit is a must-have for skilled gamers who want the best edge they can get.


Design and Features


The Victrix Gambit is a nice change from the normal cheap third-party controllers because it is well-built and comfortable. It's easy to set up the Gambit the way you want it because its tuning software works on both Xbox and PC. It has a huge amount of customization options, and the fact that it works with Dolby Atmos makes it useful for some of the best speakers on the market.

The Victrix Gambit is a wired Xbox controller made for playing against other people. It has a lot of ways to customize it, like swappable thumbsticks, triggers, and paddles, as well as a software app that lets you change the sensitivity and button mapping. The Gambit also has a design with low latency, which is said to give you an advantage over other players. The Gambit is made from high-quality materials and feels solid when you hold it. The buttons and joysticks are responsive and have a good amount of travel. The controller is also easy to use for long periods of time because it is not too heavy.

Victrix Gambit: Description

The software app that comes with the Gambit is easy to use and lets you tweak the controller to your liking. You can change how sensitive the thumbsticks are, where the thumbsticks stop working, and how the buttons are mapped. You can also set up different profiles for each game. Wi-Fi controllers are the norm for game systems, but wired gamepads have their own charm. In particular, they respond faster and work better than wireless gamepads, which is important for competitive players.

Victrix’s Gambit Controller for Windows 10 and Xbox goes even further with the need for quick responses. It has a latency of less than 2.5 milliseconds, which is up to eight times faster than other controls. The Gambit has a lot of other features that make up for its high price of $99.99. It’s well-made, comfortable, and highly adjustable, with many parts that can be swapped out and an app that lets you change how controls are mapped and how sensitive they are. The Victrix Gambit seems responsive, but its build quality and wide range of hot-swappable choices make it stand out.

Victrix Gambit: Price and Availability

The Victrix Gambit controller costs $99.99 / £89.99 / AU$149 currently. It’s widely available in the US, either from PDP’s website or Amazon. UK buyers must buy the controller from Amazon and Game.

Victrix Gambit Specifications Table

The Victrix Gambit controller is made for competitive players and has a high level of performance. It has a faster response time, trigger stops that you can change, and a custom faceplate, all of which can help you get better at games. But since it’s wired, you’ll need to be connected to your device or PC.

PlatformXbox One, Windows, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X
Cable length10 feet
Weight1.18 pounds
Dimensions3.74 x 8.27 x 8.27 inches
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Design and Features

Victrix Gambit

Unboxing the Victrix Gambit reveals the vast number of configurable choices. You can switch 14 components, from faceplate covers to thumbsticks, to ensure a comfortable gaming experience and an edge over your opponents. The zipped carrying case contains two faceplates: a hard plastic shell with rough plastic grips on the front and a silicone faceplate for quieter play. You can replace the normal thumbsticks with a tall, precise stick or a short, rounded stick for rapid movement. The standard 4-way D-Pad can be replaced with a hybrid-style one for more circular movement and combat games.

You can change the back paddle to a two- or four-button configuration on the back. There are also circular and octagonal thumbstick gates for directional control. Finally, the controller requires a detachable 10-foot USB-C cable for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC use. Victrix claims the Gambit controller boasts the “fastest thumbsticks, triggers, and buttons on Xbox” thanks to a dual-core CPU that dedicates half of its computing power to input recognition, resulting in little over 2ms latency for digital and analog inputs.

The controller has the standard Xbox configuration, with offset thumbsticks and right-side A, B, X, and Y buttons. Besides the Menu and View buttons, the Gambit has a new Share button, which is oddly large and placed. The Share button occupies the entire center of the controller and takes up a lot of real estate due to its large triangular shape, while the Menu and View buttons are moved to the top of the controller on opposite sides of the Xbox button.

Victrix Gambit: Customization

The Victrix Gambit can be customized in many ways. It has four thumbsticks and gates, which are the round pieces of plastic that go around the thumbsticks. The Victrix Control Hub software is available for both the Xbox and the PC, so I spent most of my time using The Gambit on my PC. You can calibrate the Gambit, change the dead zones, and set up your own audio profiles if you connect headphones straight to the controller.

As with most “Pro”-level controls these days, the Victrix Gambit can be customised in a lot of different ways with the Victrix Control Hub app, which can be downloaded for free on Xbox or PC. Here, you can change how your controller works by remapping buttons and back paddles, adjusting the dead zones of analogue sticks, making custom audio EQ profiles, and setting the vibration levels to your liking. You can also run diagnostics on the controller to make sure everything is working well and update the software when necessary.

The controller’s Programme button, which is below the D-Pad and right thumbstick, can be used to make some changes outside of the app. If you hold this button down for a moment, you can reassign up to four rear paddle buttons, based on how your paddles are set up. Using the shoulder buttons, you can also change the sound of the game and chat on the fly or switch between sound settings that have already been set up.

Victrix Gambit: Performance

Victrix Gambit

As a wired controller, the best Xbox Series X games should have little to no touch lag. You can also expect faster responses overall, especially from the face buttons, which have a very short travel time that makes me think of the great 8BitDo Ultimate controller for Nintendo Switch. Compared to the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller, the analogue sticks were a little stiff, but not so much that it stopped me from playing a range of games.

The sticks on the Gambit are about the same quality as those on the cheaper Xbox Wireless Controller. Basically, what you’re paying more for compared to Microsoft’s base pad is the ability to change the way the sticks work. The reverse is true for the triggers, at least by default. Out of the box, both triggers feel a little too sensitive, and I found that even a small movement of my index fingers was enough to record an input. Thanks to the trigger lock buttons on the back of the pad, this problem can be solved.

Just press the trigger at the point you want it to stop, then move the switch to lock the trigger at that length and stop it from going any further. The Victrix app can be used to change how sensitive the triggers and sticks are. But PC players will be the only ones who can use this. Overall, though, the Victrix Gambit is a very snappy controller that feels good for both the best FPS games and the best fighting games thanks to its low input lag, fast button presses, and strong trigger lock settings.

Victrix Gambit: Pros and Cons

The Victrix Gambit is a good wired Xbox controller that is well made and can be changed to fit your needs. It is a good choice for competitive gamers. It’s not the cheapest thing on the market, but you get a lot for your money.


  • Plenty of hardware and software customization options
  • Excellent build quality
  • All modules feel fantastic
  • Lifetime Dolby Atmos for Headphones license included


  • Awkward trigger locks
  • Wired only

Final Words

The Victrix Gambit is a great wired controller that can be changed in ways that make its high price worth it. You can change how the sticks and even their gates, the direction pad, the back triggers, and the shell itself feel, and the Victrix app for Windows and Xbox adds even more changes through software. The trigger locks are a bit awkward, and it’s hard to tell if the claims of low input lag are true or even if most players will notice a change. Other than that, though, this is a powerful gamepad. The lifetime Dolby Atmos licence is also a nice touch that makes the deal even better.

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The Victrix Gambit is a nice change from the normal cheap third-party controllers because it is well-built and comfortable. It's easy to set up the Gambit the way you want it because its tuning software works on both Xbox and PC. It has a huge amount of customization options, and the fact that it works with Dolby Atmos makes it useful for some of the best speakers on the market.Victrix Gambit review (2023) ultimate controller for winning