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Vissles V84 review

The Vissles V84 is one of the best deals on a mechanical keyboard you can get. Not only is it a great buy as it comes, but the customization options leave plenty of room to change your mind. It's a very solid Bluetooth mechanical keyboard with high-quality switches and a great typing form factor.

The majority of the time, PC gaming accessories are fairly pricey. It’s fairly simple to spend your PC’s price again on a great mouse, keyboard, and speaker system for it. In particular, if you’re seeking for high-quality gear with a few extra features. A wireless mechanical keyboard with swappable switches and RGB lights isn’t often something you can even consider being valued for its price.

A board that is 75% tenkeyless but still maintains the function row and arrow keys is the Vissles V84. Depending on the pre-installed switches you select, this model can be set up in a few different ways. I chose the pre-installed, in-house designed VS II linear switch at Vissles’ recommendation, but it’s not really my favourite, at least with the lights out. I was only able to choose from the white keys on the black backing.

White keys look out of place and contrast sharply with the black frame. With their white PBT caps, they also somewhat remind me of teeth, which makes typing on them weird. The RGB illumination, which successfully penetrates lower caps when in operation, thankfully makes the teeth comparison disappear. till I encounter someone with RGB grills, at the very least. In the PC game software, the RGB lights can be further customised, and the transitions are lovely and smooth with some amazing effects.

Vissles V84 review: Design

With a 75% layout, the Vissles V85 needs to cram a lot of keys into its chassis in order to provide a complete range of keys. There are a lot of buttons to poke at, even though some are missing. Even though it is bigger than the incredibly compact HyperX Alloy Origins 60, removing the number pad offers you a lot more space to sweep while still maintaining the home, end, and page functions along the right side of the deck. The end effect is a keyboard cases that is much taller than I had come to expect, although the thin bezel design makes a valiant effort to keep the overall footprint small.

The fact that the function row is joined to the other keys without being split just makes this problem worse. They are protected from unintentional contact during more fierce times, but they do sit a little lower than the number line. A set of magnetic feet along the back can be used to complete the V85’s natural ergonomic slope.

It was easy to see the keycaps themselves. Every actuation on my deck feels smooth and light thanks to the PBT material’s silky texture and smooth custom linear switches that came with the deck when it was shipped. This texture did give way to some slight slippage during more intense gameplay times, but never enough to prevent a manoeuvre from being completed. However, it’s clear from popping those keycaps off that the chassis itself doesn’t quite hold the same level of attention to detail. The border’s bezel lining is remarkably flexible and flexes at the slightest touch. Although it won’t affect your day-to-day activities, it does indicate a less robust design than may be anticipated when looking at the deck just after it is taken out of the box.

Vissles V84 review: Stylish and Comfortable

The Vissles V84 doesn’t take up much desk space because it is a small 84-key keyboard. While the absence of a number pad may be a problem for some, it doesn’t sprawl as much as many full-size mechanical keyboards do, and if this is a problem for you, you’re probably not looking at a tiny keyboard to begin with.

I didn’t realise how simple it would be to switch from a full-size keyboard to a small board that is just 75% of the size. My fingers and brain laboured for a few days to break the muscle memory that had been formed over the years using my conventional wireless keyboard. The Vissles V84, however, began to seem like a brand-new home after a few days, with my fingers jumping over the keys with excitement and me not noticing the space reduction.

As someone with “smaller” hands, if anything, the 25% size reduction made my typing and gaming life a little bit easier, cutting down on the time and distance needed for travel. The Vissles V84 is a comfortable keyboard, regardless of the size of your hand or workstation. Vissles has added RGB lighting underneath the keys, as you can see. There are 19 various colour schemes and patterns available to you, ranging from static hues to hypnotic rainbow patterns that change with each tap.

Vissles V84 review: Performance

This Vissles V64 keyboard’s hot-swappable PCB architecture is one of its standout characteristics. In addition to making changes to the keycaps easily with the provided key-puller, there is also a switch-puller provided to alter the underlying keyswitches. Users are free and subtly encouraged to mix and match keyswitches for various effects on all devices.

The entire test sample I received from Vissles had its own RGB backlit VSII linear (non-click, non-tactile) switches attached. You can quickly remove the keycap, then the switch, and plug in a new one to give some keys tactile sensation if you prefer it.

This task is as simple and error-free as it can be with the hot-swap friendly build and provided tools. Noting that the Outemu keyswitch alternatives use ABS keycaps, which are more prone to quickly wear out or become glossy, as opposed to the best PBT keycaps used on the VSII equipped keyboard. As a rule of thumb, I type a lot, therefore the vowels on ABS keycaps will start to fade after about a year.

Vissles V84 review: Software

As already indicated, Vissles advertises that its keyboard is compatible with a wide range of operating systems and ships with Mac-specific keys already installed. However, the software required to alter the lighting, create macros, and control other aspects of the V84 is only available for Windows as of the time of this writing. There are settings that must be changed on the keyboard itself for anyone using the V84 with a Mac, iOS, or Android device.

Sadly, the built-in controls lack any sense of simplicity. For example, Bluetooth cannot be turned on with a single keypress. Instead, you must long-press the Fn key while simultaneously pressing the Q, W, E, R, and T keys until all five of them flash white. To do this, you must utilise a toggle on the keyboard’s bottom. Without a doubt, a thousand monkeys armed with a thousand V84s might have predicted that combination in a million years, but I would never have considered attempting it.

You would believe it would be less complicated to switch between paired Bluetooth devices. But alas: By pressing you got it Fn and Q, W, E, R, and T until the backlight flickers three times, the V84 may be configured by Vissles to switch between up to five devices. If you’re going from the device in the first slot to the one in the fifth, you’re in for a tough time because there is no shortcut to making a choice or to avoid cycling between linked devices.

Vissles V84 review: Price and availability

The V84 is available directly from Vissles in one of four flavours. You must purchase the more expensive V84 Pro variant with the Vissles VS II switch if you want the PBT caps (as well as the best switch). As of the time of writing, this keyboard’s typical retail price is $119, however it is now on sale for $109. you can buy this product from Vissles official store.

The less expensive model comes with pre-installed red, brown, or blue switches with black ABS caps as standard equipment. These three variations are now on sale for $99, with a regular price of $119, as of the time this article was written.

Final Words

In conclusion, the V84 is at the top of our list of suggestions for a budget mechanical keyboard. There are undoubtedly less expensive solutions, but the V84 stands out for its quality craftsmanship and long battery life. I’m also happy to see PBT caps and a surprisingly excellent switch for the price, and I’m always in favour of a wireless keeb that seamlessly integrates with my MacBook.

We are all about the trend toward hot-swappable keyboards that is developing. You have the freedom to test out any switch you choose on the V84 thanks to the functionality. This is a fantastic product and a terrific entry point into the world of mechanical keyboards for the price. You may find it to be more suitable for high-stakes competitive gaming than I do because it’s Bluetooth, but you can always use it in wired mode.

It’s fantastic that Vissles is pursuing companies like Keychron. It excites me to see such a solid entry-level alternative because mechanical keyboards can grow very pricey, as anyone involved in the hobby can undoubtedly attest.

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The Vissles V84 is an enticing compact keyboard with high-quality keycaps, the ability to swap switches on a whim, and reliable performance. However, it is let down by unintuitive controls and software limitations.Vissles V84 review