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ArticleDealsViugreum 2 Pack 100W 12000LM LED Barn Light is at 14% off, get it now for only...

Viugreum 2 Pack 100W 12000LM LED Barn Light is at 14% off, get it now for only $58.99

Outdoor lighting is an important part of any property because it makes it safer, more secure, and more attractive. The Viugreum 2 Pack 100W 12000LM LED Barn Light is designed to do a good job of meeting these goals. These LED barn lights are made to replace standard 700W MH/HPS lights. They will save a lot of energy while giving off a lot of light. The Viugreum LED Barn Light is made of strong materials that can stand up to the weather.

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Its waterproof rating of IP65 means that it can work in rain, snow, and other bad weather without losing efficiency. The style is simple and sleek, so it goes well with gardens, driveways, and other outdoor settings. With a brightness of 12000 lumens, these lights are bright enough to effectively light up big areas. The 5000K daytime color temperature gives off a bright, natural, and clear light that makes it easier to see at night. These lights cover a large area, so you can use them to light up your yard or keep your property safe.

Viugreum 2 Pack 100W 12000LM LED Barn Light Features and Details:

  • Replaces 700W MH/HPS lights while consuming only 100W.
  • The built-in photocell ensures automatic operation.
  • IP65 waterproof rating for durability in various climates.
  • 12000 lumens at 5000K daylight color temperature.
  • Comes with mounting hardware and clear instructions.

The built-in photocell monitor is one of the most interesting things about the Viugreum LED Barn Light. With this technology, the light will instantly turn on at dusk and turn off at dawn, so you won’t have to do it yourself. This saves energy and makes sure that your property is well-lit when it needs to be. The Viugreum 100W LED Barn Light can save a lot of energy when it is used instead of standard 700W MH/HPS lights. This energy-efficient lighting option uses a lot less electricity but gives off the same amount of light. It is a good choice for the environment because it reduces your carbon footprint and lowers your electricity bills. Putting these lights up is easy, thanks to the mounting hardware and clear directions that come with them. They are easy to mount on walls or poles, so you can put them wherever you want to meet your needs.

How to get best deal on Viugreum 2 Pack 100W 12000LM LED Barn Light?

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The Viugreum 2 Pack 100W LED Barn Light is a cheap and eco-friendly way to light up the outside of your home. Its impressive brightness, ability to work from dusk to dawn, and energy savings make it a great choice for both home and business use. It is made of strong materials, so it will last even in harsh weather. Even though you can’t change the color temperature, its general performance and ability to save money more than make up for it. The Viugreum LED Barn Light is a safe and eco-friendly way to light up your outdoor space.

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