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Ways to Improve Efficiency in a Production Plant

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Check Ways to Improve Efficiency in a Production Plant

Production efficiency is not easy and studies show that most companies are wasting 50% of their key resources, labor and equipment. Based on 250,000 hours of observing businesses in a variety of industries, the actual overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) is approximately 60%. This level of performance has an immediate impact on the workforce, which is typically 50-55% productive. It’s not that people aren’t working. The problem is that they work hard on tasks that do not add value, searching for information, correcting errors and fighting fires. While it is unreasonable to expect 100% production efficiency, the best performing companies achieve around 85% OEE.

Ways to improve efficiency in a production plant

Increase Uptime – Reduce Downtime

Your processing plant is most efficient when it’s up and running strong. When is it least efficient? When the process is stopped for maintenance and repair. Reducing downtime and increasing uptime is the best way to improve efficiency. One way to do this is to use high quality equipment such as the APEC Mistcoater. The Mistcoater uses rotating discs that apply liquids to dry solids in a continuous flow, without cumbersome nozzles that clog.

The mistcoater is just one way to reduce the need for time-wasting and profit-wasting repairs and maintenance. Other approaches include:

  • Implementation of a strategic maintenance program.
  • Improve employee training
  • Invest in backup equipment

Improve Formula Control

Recipe control is critical in food processing. Even in the pet food and feed industries, getting the recipe right and responding to changing tastes can set you apart from your competition. By improving your recipe control, you reduce the time it takes to make adjustments and changes. APEC’s BatchBox puts control in the palm of your hand. Easily integrates with popular processing equipment and scales, allowing you to make immediate recipe changes. With an intuitive “point and click” interface, optimizing your formulas has never been easier.

Improve traceability

It’s critical for food processing operations to be able to track ingredients, raw produce, and anything that is stored in or shipped from the warehouse. For one thing, it helps you manage your inventory and avoid unnecessary waste. It also improves customer service by allowing you to respond to customer concerns and complaints. APEC helps you improve ingredient traceability with our barcode scanning and ingredient confirmation systems, which are standard at many of our processing facilities and can be adapted for many others.

Integrate automation into processing systems

It is a fact that machines can do some things better than humans. If this were not the case, we would still be stuck in the Stone Age. An effective way to improve the efficiency of your processing plant is to take it into the future with process automation. While you can never do without a highly-skilled workforce (why would you?), the ever-evolving food industry requires you to stay ahead of the curve with ingredient automation. APEC can help you lead your business into the future with our automated pet food and pet food processing equipment and custom industry solutions.

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