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ArticleReviewsWestone Audio Mach 70 review (2023) high-end sound at budget

Westone Audio Mach 70 review (2023) high-end sound at budget

The new Westone Audio Mach 70 in-ear headphones have a stunning soundstage and immersive listening.


Design and Build
Stock Cable
Packaging & Accessories


The Westone Audio Mach 70 is a top-of-the-line in-ear monitor (IEM) that sounds great and feels great in your ears. Three different types of drivers are built into it: one low-frequency driver, two mid-frequency drivers, and four high-frequency drivers. The sound that comes out of this is strong and clear, with deep bass, clear vocals, and crisp treble.

There are two lines of products from Westone Audio. There are two series: Pro X and Mach. The Pro X series is sold to artists as stage monitors, while the Mach series was made with sound engineers and audiophiles in mind. You may have noticed that the older UM and W models were pretty much the same way to tell them apart. Let’s talk about the series and find out what the word “Mach” means. The Westone Audio Mach 70 is one of two top-of-the-line IEMs released by Westone Audio this year. It is tuned in a very different way than the Mach 80 which is made to look like a professional monitor.

Westone Audio Mach 70: Description

The MACH 70 has the same futuristic looks and design as the MACH 80. It also comes with the top-of-the-line Linum Estron ULTRABaXTM quad-twisted cable from Denmark and costs $200 less than the MACH 80, making it a better deal for people who want a bass-heavy IEM with a very slim profile. The Mach 70 has a very small shell that holds seven blades on each side. In the 1970s, speakers had a single low, two mids, four highs, and an inactive 3-way crossover.

The price of Mach 70 in stores is 1599 USD, EUR, or GBP. The MACH 70 has a 3-way crossover system and seven unique drivers, including one low, two mids, and four BAs. It was made to please bass fans and work well with all kinds of music. From 5Hz to 22kHz, the frequency response is very wide, and the MACH 70 has the most bass of all the MACH models.

Specifications Table

The MACH 70 creates a deep, controlled listening experience that can handle a lot of space as if the headroom were acoustically dampened. When the bass gets really loud, it won’t sound distorted or like it’s bouncing back and forth. Instead, it will fade into the background.

Configuration7 BA + 3-Way Passive Crossover
CableLinum UltraBaX T2 Cable
Cable Length50″ (127 cm)
Frequency Response5Hz-22kHz
Tips5 Pair Foam + 5 Pair Silicone
AccessoriesImpact Resistant Pelican Case, Westone Audio Cloth Pouch, Cable Band, Cleaning Tool
Sensitivity110dB @ 1kHz
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Westone Audio Mach 70: Design and Build

Westone Audio Mach 70

Many other models in this price range are better than the MACH 70 in terms of how it is put together and how it looks. Its design is more like expert IEMs from companies like Shure, but I think the shell feels too plasticky. When I wore them, I thought they were comfy enough, but the back out of the housing didn’t sit as well.

It didn’t feel quite as comfortable as other IEMs, so I did get tired of wearing it after a while. The MACH 70 blends seven balanced armatures with a three-way crossover system. They are very easy to drive, giving me a lot of headroom when I have an iFi Go Link connected to my iPhone.

Westone Audio Mach 70: Stock Cable

Estron a/s of Denmark made the Linum Estron ULTRABaX stock cable, but it only comes with the top two models in the MACH line. With 224 strands and four twists, the Estron ULTRABaX cable is one of the thinnest upgrade connections. It also has a very low impedance value of only 0.6, which means it won’t change the sound of the output.

Not just by how it looks, but also by how well it fits the tuning of the MACH 80 without adding up the impedance and colors. If you think that most extra cables are too thick or easy to break, the ULTRABaX is much stronger than most other cables. It is very small, which makes it easy to roll up and put in a small safe. The slider is also very useful because it lets users quickly lock it in place.

Westone Audio Mach 70: Sound

Westone Audio Mach 70

The 70 is smooth, musical, and warm, and it all starts with the signature. It has a fairly high resistance, just like the 80. I tried out both the 70 with E70V and L70 and the amazing Mojo 2. The Mach 70’s approach to music makes it easy to listen to all kinds of music without getting tired. The Mach 70 is Westone’s version of a top-of-the-line Swiss army knife IEM. It’s made to sound smooth, enjoyable, and easy no matter what you use it with.

🔊 Bass: The Mach 70 has a powerful, round, and thick bass that is surprisingly agile, even though it has more bass than its 8-driver brother. The sound is smooth and does a great job of making the listener feel the weight of the instruments. Accentuating the sub-to-mid range makes the BAs sound more musical and true to their natural tone, giving them a smooth sound from the lowest range to the end of the middle.

🎶 Mids: With more bass, the overtones of vocal frequencies and instruments with resonance chambers are louder, giving the music a more lush and forward feeling. The tuning makes metal singers’ hoarse and strong voices as well as acoustic instruments sound better while keeping air out of the mix. The MACH 70 is more focused on the lead singer and instrumentals than the MACH 80, which is more laid-back. This makes the sound a bit softer. There is good clarity and good roundness in the vocal, which makes it stand out. To balance out the bass, there is enough energy in the upper mids, which strengthens the vocal picture.

🔊 Low End: This bass has a lot of energy, which makes it respond in an interesting way that stays pretty steady. It has a nice drive to it, and the sub-bass gives it a full-bodied tone. Even though this natural timbre has a lot of clarity, it doesn’t have a lot of vibration. The bass tones are very heavy, but they don’t have any rumble. This didn’t really change how much I liked the low sounds, though, because the bass is still very dynamic and easy to control. If you want a profile with a lot of slam and force, the MACH 70 isn’t it.

🎵 High Ends: The clarity of the mids comes through in the treble, giving you expressive highs that aren’t too sharp. These frequencies feel very polished because they have an even reaction with just enough shine to give them character. They are not quite delicate, but they are very light and delicious. Each sound has a good tail, but it doesn’t stand out as much as it could. It still has clean tones, though.

🎶 Treble: The tenor is smooth and round in the middle range, with great control. If you have already forgotten how the MACH 70 works, you should know that the upper register is taken care of by 4 tweeters. Because of this, it can get a lot of small features. It can also handle big changes in how loud sounds are and play back fast, tight beats without breaking a sweat.

Westone Audio Mach 70: Packaging & Accessories

The Westone Mach 70 comes in a nice-looking cardboard box that is about the right size. The model name, “Mach 70,” is written on the box in a stylish style, and the colors are different from each other. The back of the box has a lot of useful information. We see a detailed list of the tools and product specs that come with the item.

The extras are very nice. Westone has been using the same set of tips for more than 10 years. We get 10 pairs of tips: 5 pairs of foam tips and 5 pairs of silicone tips with the same shape but different sizes. I really like this list of tips because they work well. They are strong, comfortable, and keep out noise very well. If something is already great, don’t try to fix it or make it better. I still have the rubber tips from my W30, and after 9 years, they are in perfect shape.

We also get a Pelican case that can take a hit and a great Linum UltraBaX upgrade cord with T2 connectors. Yes, it is the same one that comes with the Mach 80. The package also comes with an elegant two-color carrying bag, a microfiber cleaning cloth, a QR-card, a Westone cleaning tool, and a cable tie.

Westone Audio Mach 70: Pros and Cons

If you want a great all-around IEM, get the Westone Audio Mach 70. The sound quality is great, it fits well, and the build quality is strong. People who love music and people who work as musicians will both love this product.


  • Wide soundstage
  • Excellent passive isolation
  • Easy to drive
  • Clean vocal and treble while delivering strong bass impact


  • Plasticky design
  • 3.5mm terminated only

Final Words

The Mach 70 is a unique set of IEMs that is made for a larger audience. It can be the headphones of choice for many audiophiles because of its all-around design, smooth sound, and very comfy body. Westone has done some pretty cool things with the new series, like working with Linum wires and making the build quality much better. There are a lot of flagships on the market that have big bodies and thick wires. The Mach 70 does about the same thing, but it does it in a much more comfortable way.

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Amy Hinckley
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The Westone Audio Mach 70 is a top-of-the-line in-ear monitor (IEM) that sounds great and feels great in your ears. Three different types of drivers are built into it: one low-frequency driver, two mid-frequency drivers, and four high-frequency drivers. The sound that comes out of this is strong and clear, with deep bass, clear vocals, and crisp treble.Westone Audio Mach 70 review (2023) high-end sound at budget