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What are the Common Myths About Logo Design?

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Check What are the Common Myths About Logo Design?

This question probably conjures up vivid images of a famous swoosh or a bitten apple. After all, we all know what a logo is. A logo is a symbol or design used to identify a company or organization and its products, services, employees, etc. The simplest definition is that a logo identifies. This is how your company is recognized and remembered by others. It also acts as the face of your company. Your logo can also be an opportunity to make a statement about your business. Take the Amazon logo, for example. The smiling arrow conveys that the company sells everything from “AZ” and shows how happy customers are when they shop with them.

Common myths about logo design

A logo must include a symbol.

Honestly, it’s not necessary. Many great logos don’t have a symbol, but rather a well-designed font. But that doesn’t mean logos shouldn’t have symbols. Sometimes it works, but sometimes a symbol becomes a hindrance that does not add value. So use a symbol if you need to represent something important to the company, and if not, try typographic solutions.

A logo has to be nice

It is not necessary that the appearance of your logo pleases everyone. What is important is that the logo focuses on a unique signature that is associated with the qualities of the company. Whether or not people like your logo has nothing to do with what people think about the companies and organizations those logos represent. In short, your customer doesn’t care about your logo; they care more about what a company can or cannot do for them.

A logo has to be nice

Then yes! Hashtags are a great way for Instagram users to find your content. But they’re also a great way to make your content look spammy. You have to experiment and explore what works best for your Instagram post: #nottoolessnottoomany

Logos have to be timeless

A timeless logo cannot be intentionally created. What you can do, however, is to ensure that the logo is not based solely on fads like noise and glow treatments – this would help the logo last longer. Logos get old and from time to time need to be refreshed to keep up with the upcoming trends. Many large companies have revised their logos over and over again, improving their appearance with each revision.

A logo is the least important aspect when it comes to branding.

Many people are under the impression that logos are not that important. This is where they are WRONG. A creative logo can attract customers and make them curious about what the company does. A logo helps attract attention and make a good first impression. A logo is the foundation of a brand identity that helps differentiate the brand from the competition.

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