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What are the Negative Outcomes of AI on Business?

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Before discussing the negative consequences of artificial intelligence, we must first understand what AI is. From a bird’s eye view, AI gives a computer program the ability to think and learn for itself. It is a simulation of human (i.e. artificial) intelligence in machines doing things that we would normally need humans to do. There are three main types of AI, distinguished by their abilities: Weak AI, Strong AI, and Super AI.

Artificial intelligence (AI) continues to drive advances in technology and business. It is widely used in various industries and the impact of AI can be found in almost every aspect of creativity. The development of AI is driven by big data and the increase in available computing power.

Negative results of AI in companies

AI bias

Because AI algorithms are developed by humans, they can be influenced by those who input them into the algorithm, either intentionally or inadvertently. If AI algorithms are built with a bias or are biased by the data in the training sets they are designed to learn from, they will produce biased results.

This could have unintended consequences, as we’ve seen with discriminatory hiring algorithms and Microsoft’s Twitter chatbot turned racist. When companies develop AI algorithms, they must be developed and trained responsibly.

Elimination of certain jobs.

While artificial intelligence will create many jobs and many people predict a net increase in jobs, or at least assume that the same number of jobs will be created to replace those lost due to AI technology, there will be work that humans do today. that the machines will take over.

This will require changes to education and training programs to prepare our future workforce and help current workers transition to new positions that will utilize their unique human skills.

A transformation of the human experience.

When artificial intelligence takes over menial tasks and allows humans to significantly reduce the amount of time they have to spend in a workplace, the added freedom may seem like utopia at first glance. However, to feel that their lives have meaning, people need to channel their newfound freedom into new activities that provide the same social and intellectual benefits as their previous work. For some people and communities, this may be easier than others.

There are also likely to be economic considerations when machines take over tasks for which humans were previously paid. The economic benefits of increased efficiency are fairly obvious in corporate profit and loss statements, but the overall benefits to society and human life are a bit more opaque.

AI terrorism

Similarly, there may be new forms of AI-enabled terrorism that we must contend with: from the proliferation of autonomous drones and the introduction of robotic swarms to remotely controlled attacks or the transmission of disease via nanobots. Our law enforcement and defense agencies will have to adapt to the potential threat they pose.

It will take time and a great deal of human thought to determine how we can best prepare for a future with even more AI applications to ensure that the potential negative impacts of further adoption are minimized as much as possible.

As with all disruptive events, these situations are not easy to resolve, but as long as we continue to involve humans in determining solutions, we will be able to reap the many benefits of AI while reducing and mitigating negative impacts.

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