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What is a Locked Cell Phone?

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Check What is a Locked Cell Phone?

Those who have a smartphone that they want to use at another wireless service provider, the process is not that difficult. This guide will help you understand which phones you can use at other wireless providers, who unlocks your smartphone, and why the carriers block them.

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Why are smartphones locked?

Your wireless company is trying to be difficult to deal with when it locks your smartphone. The main reason your phone is locked to a specific wireless service provider is because they have subsidized the cost of the smartphone when you first bought it. What this means is that the price of a normal high-end smartphone costs between $ 500 and $ 800 without a contract. When you sign a new contract, you can buy these phones at a discount because the wireless company pays the difference so that you get the smartphone at a lower price.

The binding contract with your wireless service provider allows them to recover the subsidized costs for the duration of your contract. If the contract is broken early for any reason, they charge you an ETF (early termination fee) to make sure you get your money back.

What is unlocking?

Unlocking your smartphone allows you to use your smartphone on different carriers. So if you have a phone that accepts a SIM card, or you can use a SIM card from another company in your country. Some phones are called ‘international’ phones and can support multiple band widths, so if you unlock your phone, you can take it overseas and use it there.

Why unlock your smartphone?

The main reason to unlock your smartphone is if you want to use it with a different service provider or when you want to use your smartphone abroad. Also, an unlocked smartphone has a higher resale offer.

Why not unlock your iPhone?

If you are good with your carrier and won’t be using your smartphone internationally, there is absolutely no reason for you to unlock your smartphone.

Unlock GSM Vs CDMA Smartphone

There are two main mobile phone technologies used by the world’s mobile phone service providers: Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) and Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA). If you have a CDMA phone, then your phone cannot be unlocked. The reason for this is that CDMA phones do not have SIM cards, which makes it impossible to use them on another network. However, if your phone works on a GSM network, then there is a nice change: you can get a smartphone unlocking service or a smartphone unlock code and use your smartphone on a different network. If you live in North America and you bought a smartphone from here, you can easily find out if your smartphone is GSM or CDMA. Verizon and Sprint use CDMA, AT&T and T-Mobile use GSM.

The reason is that AT&T and T-Mobile use a standard known as GSM. This technology is used throughout much of the world and is based on SIM cards, which can be swapped in and out of unlocked devices to provide the service.

Meanwhile, Verizon and Sprint use a standard known as CDMA. Devices that use this technology do not have a SIM card. This means that the carriers must provide the service to you. So for the most part, even though Verizon and Sprint devices use the same technology and often use the same spectrum, they can’t be used on each other’s networks. It is important to note that on some networks, smartphones do not work on other services due to different models, such as GSM and CDMA. This is simply due to the technological differences of the models that do not allow specific models to work on different network systems. But it is a good idea to do a smartphone unlocking service review to make sure your smartphone can be unlocked.

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