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What is LMAO and how is it used?

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Check What is LMAO and how is it used?

The term means “laugh at me” and is commonly used in messaging apps like Telegram, Messages, WhatsApp, and on social networks like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. The acronym is almost certainly limited to use with family and friends rather than at work. It’s used in response to something someone else said in a text message or on social media, and it’s verbatim language for “that was funny” or “that really made me laugh.” It doesn’t literally mean you cracked up. Similar cyber idioms include LOL (“laughing out loud”) and ROTFL (“rolling on the floor”).

There is also LMFAO or “laugh my ass off”. LMAO has been around since the 1990s, like most internet slang terms. The first users of online communication used it. It can be used in uppercase or lowercase, neither being better than the other. Choose the version you feel most comfortable with. There are other meanings for LMAO floating around the internet, some grosser than others.

Some of the more moderate ones include Leave Me Alone Okay, Lick Me All Over, Let’s Make Another Offer, and Laughing My All Out. There’s also Let Me Ask Obama and Lamenting My Heartbreak Online.

How to use Lmao

Lmao is not a phrase you should use in formal communication. Save lmao for social networks, instant messaging applications and text messages. You can use lmao in uppercase or lowercase, but if you really need to use the abbreviation in a more formal context (for example, in an article about the abbreviation), remember to follow a set of capitalization rules.

There are a few ways you can take advantage of lmao to show that you really laugh. Capitalizing the acronym is one option, but you can also add or to the end of the abbreviation: lmaoo laughs at my ass from time to time. Some people also add the f-word to get lmfao.

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