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Where are Teams files stored? Everything you need to know

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Check Where are Teams files stored? Everything you need to know

Microsoft Teams, a one-stop shop for communication and collaboration, is at the heart of the Microsoft Suite. Teams brings together Microsoft programs and third-party apps to give users a wide range of productivity tools from a single interface, including chat, calling, video, and more. Although Teams functionality can be accessed from a single location, the data is a different story. IT and legal professionals looking to discover Teams data for eDiscovery and information governance purposes are well aware of this. Many teams ask, “Where is Microsoft Teams data stored?” now that Teams has gone from being a remote work Band-Aid to a permanent fixture in corporate operations. “How can we establish proper controls around it?” and “How can we set the proper controls around it?”

Where are Teams files stored? All you need to know

Microsoft Teams default download location

Starting today, Teams downloads one or more files to the default Downloads folder in the Windows operating system, which you can easily find in File Explorer. Usually, that’s the Downloads folder, which is pinned by default to the File Explorer shortcut. From Microsoft Teams, it’s pretty easy to open the Downloads folder.

  • Go to the app bar on the left side.
  • Tap the files icon.
  • From the left side, press the Downloads view
  • Press the highlighted Open Downloads Folder button as shown below.
  • That will open the Downloads folder.

Can I change my download folder in Teams?

The default download location cannot currently be changed in Microsoft Teams. However, you can change the location of the downloads folder from File Explorer. This will apply to all your Windows apps, not just Teams.

  • Click the magnifying glass on the Windows taskbar.
  • Type File Explorer.
  • In the Quick Access section, right-click on your Downloads entry.
  • Tap Properties.
  • Then press Location and change to another folder on your computer.
  • Press Move…
  • and then OK.

Download multiple files in Teams

When you download multiple files, they are compressed by default into one zip file named OneDrive+. This can be a bit confusing to find, but I think the Teams dev group will improve this in the future.

Chat Download Locations

Files and images shared in one-to-one conversation threads are stored on the OneDrive of the person sharing the files. Files shared in group chats are stored in the channel folder on the team’s Sharepoint site. You can easily access those files in Teams.

Find a file in Teams to download

Colleagues often share files with us in Teams so we can later download them for offline use, but sometimes those files are really hard to find. So the question is how to easily find files in Teams.

  • First of all, you can use Teams’ handy search bar, just go ahead and type part of your filename and press Enter.
  • Another alternative is to type the /files command in the search bar to see your recent files.
  • A third alternative is to press the Files button on the application bar on the left side of your device. From there, you can easily browse through your recent files or quickly find files stored on your OneDrive or other Microsoft Teams location, or other connected cloud storage drive.

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