Where Can You Stream College Football Online?

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Check Where Can You Stream College Football Online?

Looking to stream college football online? If so, there are now many affordable services available.

Although they are premium and subscription-based, many of them offer free trials. Read on for a list of the best places to stream college football online.

Can you do it for free?

The direct answer is no, but there are some exceptions. You should not view “free” online streaming websites that show college football. These sites are illegal and usually infested with malware.

However, there is a legitimate free option. We are talking about over-the-air channels that show college football, that is, traditional television. If you have a good enough digital antenna, you can tune in to these channels and watch them for free. Note that you will have to search for channels manually if you want to use this method. Channels that show college football are ABC, FOX, CBS, and NBC.

But this method does not involve online streaming. If you just want to stream college football online, you can do so for free if you use the trial periods offered by most of the popular streaming platforms.

Best streaming services for college football

Before getting into specific streaming services, keep in mind that they all offer an incredibly smooth viewing experience. They allow you to watch college football online through your computer, smart TV, tablet, smartphone, or streaming devices like Roku or Chromecast. With a reliable Internet connection, you are ready to go.

Stream college football on Sling TV

Sling TV is one of the best places to watch any sport, including college football. It provides sports streaming on demand, where you can choose which channels you want from a wide variety of packages and add-ons.

There are two main subscription plans, Orange and Blue, that have different channels included, but you can bundle them together if you want. The orange option gives you the ESPN and ACC networks, while the blue package includes Fox, FS 1, FS 2, NBC, including regular and sports network stations.

Sports accessories are what you want for more college football, but it’s best to check Sling’s official websites for current offerings. There, you can also sign up for a one-week trial, more than enough to determine whether or not you like the service. You can cancel at any time. Keep in mind that Sling TV is the best budget option for sports streaming.

You can use up to three devices to stream at the same time (with one account) and record up to 10 hours of footage to free DVR storage.

Hulu live

Hulu Live is the live TV option of this popular streaming service. Its content is not divided like Sling. For a single subscription, you get all the content available for your region. Unsurprisingly, the price is a bit higher, but you get a lot of large nets with college football coverage.

In addition to the major networks (ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC), you also get several channels from ESPN, including ESPN College Extra, Big Ten Network, SEC Network, NBCSN, FS1, and FS2. That’s a ton of college football content in one place, making Hulu Live the best overall choice for those interested.

Except for sports, you also get Hulu’s entertainment channels and its VOD library, with a wealth of high-quality on-demand content. Visit their website for more details and start your free trial. You can watch Hulu Live on two devices at once, with free DVR features to record your favorite games. In particular, the free DVR cloud storage provides a whopping 50 hours of recordings.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is the next best place to stream college football. Like Hulu Live, it offers a single subscription plan packed with sports content. Channels with soccer coverage include major networks, FS1 and FS2, SEC Network, BTN, various ESPN channels, and more.

It is best to see the channel selection for your region on the official YouTube TV website. Again, you can sign up for a seven-day trial and start watching college football for free. YouTube TV offers unlimited cloud storage at no charge, which is impressive.

You can stream from three devices simultaneously at no additional cost. This service is excellent for families who have different appetites for television. In addition to sports content, YouTube TV offers a lot of news and entertainment, so there is something for everyone.


This streaming platform specializes in sports, including college football. FuboTV has a selection of plans, but the basic package provides you with enough football content.

You get the top four networks, FS1 and FS2, FOX and NBC local sports channels, Big Ten Networks, the PAC-12 network, and more. Plus, Fubo has an excellent sports supplement if you want more college football. However, one major piece missing from FuboTV is ESPN, which sadly won’t be added anytime soon.

Check the official website for more details and start your seven-day trial. The basic subscription gives you 30 hours of DVR storage, which is always useful. You can stream FuboTV on two devices at the same time. Fubo offers many entertainment channels. It’s not just about sports.

Better than cable

Online streaming is always better than cable streaming, even when it comes to streaming college football. You won’t go wrong with any of the services featured here, but there is a more honorable mention option.

If college football is your only interest, consider subscribing to College Sports Live, which is not as flexible as other streaming services, but has exactly what you need.

What did you decide? Which of these is your favorite place to watch college football? Did we lose a streaming service that you think is a good alternative? Let us know in the comment section.

Final remarks: Where Can You Stream College Football Online?

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